At Tucker Lawyers PC, we know how difficult and frustrating it can be seeing your Social Security disability claim be denied over and over again. If you’ve worked hard, and supported Social Security throughout your career, you deserve to be supported in your time of need. Luckily, having been denied in the past does not mean that you will not be able to collect benefits in the future. The experienced team of Social Security Disability denial attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can help evaluate your situation, bolster your case, and resubmit your claim. We have a long history of helping our clients secure the compensation that they deserve.

Steps You Can Take

Though you’ve been denied in the past, your case is not over. Often, enlisting the help of an attorney greatly increases the chances of having your claim accepted. Attorneys can be invaluable liaisons between claimants and the judge, and at Tucker Lawyers PC we’re ready to apply our expertise to every facet of your case. Filing for disability benefits is a long and arduous process, it helps having a team of trusted professionals fighting alongside you. Here are the phases of the process:

  • The Reconsideration: Within 60 days of a denial of your original claim, you are eligible to file for a reconsideration. That means time is of the essence. An important thing to remember is that in most legal proceedings, stringent deadlines are put in place. At Tucker Lawyers PC, we can help make sure you meet all applicable deadlines.
  • The ALJ Hearing: An ALJ, or Administrative Law Judge, will then stage a hearing for your claim. We can help you present your case in front of this judge.
  • The Appeals Council Review: If your claim is once again denied, we can help bring your case to appellate court. This Appeals Council will be the next body to weigh in with a decision.
  • The Federal Court Review: The final option is taking your case to Federal Court for review. However, if the claim is denied here, it can be re-circulated through lower levels of court.

Remember, we can help you through every stage of the legal proceedings. From obtaining and completing all necessary paperwork, to gathering evidence and witnesses, to advocating your claim in court, our services are at your disposal.

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Navigating the Social Security legal landscape alone can be tricky. Retaining legal counsel will greatly enhance your ability to not only get your claim accepted, but to maximize the benefits package you receive. The Social Security Disability attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC are here to help you realize this goal. Our consultations are always free and we receive no fee unless we win your case.

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