Among all the auto accidents in our state, none are so frightening and traumatic as those involving a school bus.

Each fall, we all wish our kids love and good luck as they head back to school. For many, that means a bus ride through the city or its surrounding communities. School bus safety is a paramount concern, and one with which New York fortunately has a solid track record.

Indeed, school bus accidents are remarkably uncommon. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, taking a bus to school is 13 times safer than riding in a car (and ten times safer than walking!). Buses are generally considered to be among the very safest forms of transportation.

On rare occasions, though, school bus accidents do happen. The injuries can range from mild to catastrophic, and the victims often include the most precious among us — innocent children.

School bus accidents, similar to truck accident injury cases, almost always involve some form of negligence. Victims or their families are entitled to financial relief for their medical expenses, pain, and suffering. In the event of fatality, damages may be available for wrongful death.

Tucker Lawyers PC is a full-service New York personal injury law firm located in the heart of the Big Apple and serving clients throughout the entire state. We have extensive experience with injuries involving large vehicles, including school buses.

A talented New York school bus accident attorney in our office can help you recover every dollar you deserve in the wake of stunning negligence or unthinkable tragedy.

How School Bus Accidents Happen

Most children who have died in a school bus accident were aged between four and seven years old. Studies tell us that, more often than not, another vehicle is to blame.

In fact, the most common cause of bus-related injury involves another car illegally passing a stopped school bus, striking a pedestrian in the process. In some cases, the bus itself may accidentally hit a child walking nearby.

Less commonly, buses crash with other cars. Fortunately, strict safety laws, hefty fines, and driver training programs have gone a long way in reducing the risk of collision.

When these crashes do happen, it’s usually because another driver was speeding, intoxicated, texting, fatigued, or disobeying New York’s school bus traffic laws. Occasionally, the school or its driver may also be at fault.

Move Forward with Help from a New York School Bus Accident Attorney

If you or your child has suffered injury or death as a result of a bus-related accident, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. A New York school bus accident attorney can help you file a compelling claim in order to maximize your recovery and ensure that justice is served.

Establishing liability in these cases can be difficult, so it is important to hire a personal injury law firm with the experience it takes to stand up to the school boards or insurance companies on the other side. You can count on Tucker Lawyers PC to handle every aspect of your case with the highest standard of professionalism and care.

To schedule a completely free consultation, please get in touch with our office as soon as possible. We do not charge for our services unless and until there is a financial recovery in your case. Remember, though, that a time limit might apply to your claim, so you should act as quickly as possible.

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