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New York Workers’ Comp Benefit Increases Have Become Law

There’s good news for injured New York workers — the New York workers’ compensation minimum weekly payments increased at the end of 2023. The new increase means that workers injured on the job in New York qualify for higher weekly workers’ comp payments. However, all New York workers should understand what the process of recovering […]

Amazon Warehouse Injuries Higher Than Others in New York

Amazon is under fire for new reports about the high worker injury rate in its New York warehouses. In late 2023, several news outlets released headlines like “New York City Amazon Warehouse Workers Injured at Higher Rate Than Other Companies.” While representatives for the e-commerce giant claim to be working hard to reduce the rate […]

Workers Compensation Claims Process

What is the workers’ compensation claims process like in New York? If you’ve sustained an illness or injury due to your activities at work in the state of New York, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation payments to replace lost income and other expenses. Unfortunately, however, the process involved in applying for these benefits […]

Construction Accidents Often Caused by Poor Safety Practices

Construction work is omnipresent throughout New York City. Stand at almost any intersection and you can probably see construction workers in at least one direction. Unsurprisingly, with all this construction going on, worker injuries are also relatively common. But what causes these injuries, and are construction workers often injured due to poor safety practices? Unfortunately, […]

New Treatment Uses Brain Implants to Help Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Traumatic brain injuries have long been frightening examples of how the average person can change in an instant from high functioning to barely capable of getting through the day. Typically, these injuries cause lifelong disability, and recovery is far from certain. Until recently, medical science had made no major leaps in treating these injuries. However, […]

What Is the Average Settlement for Workers’ Compensation?

Average settlements for workers’ compensation vary greatly, depending on many factors, but a workers’ comp lawyer can help you get the maximum amount you are entitled to. The average settlement cost for a workers’ compensation claim is about $40,000, according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance. However, settlements vary greatly, depending on factors such […]

What Is a Section 32 Settlement in New York?

A Section 32 settlement in New York is a mutually agreed-upon contract between an injured laborer and employer guaranteeing a one-time, generally tax-free, lump-sum settlement in exchange for the worker’s agreement to resolve some or all aspects of their case. The lump sum is taken instead of weekly payments that may continue over a long […]

Most Dangerous Roads in Manhattan

If you believe popular media, Manhattan is one of the most dangerous cities in the world for drivers, with hundreds or even thousands of accidents every day. While there are a lot of accidents in Manhattan, it isn’t quite as bad out there as depicted in film and television. Like most cities, high congestion and […]

Where Most Slip and Fall Accidents Happen in Manhattan

Walking around Manhattan is an adventure. Even on relatively quiet days, most streets and businesses are teeming with foot traffic. It is hard to walk a few feet without having to dodge around someone, which means you are constantly at the mercy of the terrain. And if that terrain is treacherous, you could get hurt […]