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Lincoln Tunnel Bus Crash

Last week, two buses crashed into one another inside the Lincoln Tunnel. No one was seriously injured, but very many were seriously annoyed. The logistics of this non-fatal accident complicated the matter immensely; when two gargantuan vehicles collide within the tight confines of a narrow corridor, traffic jams are sure to arise. Not to mention […]

Problems With Potholes

At long last, winter is coming to an end. This year, New York City experienced one of the longest and harshest winters in its history. Just when you thought March’s leonine beginning was beginning to cede to its proverbially lamb-like conclusion, we were hit with a late snowfall. Eventually though, nothing cold can stay- heat […]

The Unlawful Possession of Drugs

If you’ve been arrested for the unlawful possession of drugs, it is extremely important that you seek legal representation. While possession charges vary in nature and severity, all of them carry potentially devastating repercussions. You will want a law firm both adept at handling the intricacies of a drug law case and sympathetic to your […]

The Power of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The situation is a well-known one- the carbon monoxide detector is running low on batteries, and its incessant din is echoing throughout the house. Everyone scrambles, trying to hone in on the one detector responsible for causing all the racket. If you’re familiar with this situation, it’s because we’ve all been there. So frustrated are […]

Playground Safety

Every year, thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Even though playgrounds are designed to provide the optimal amount of enjoyment for the children while posing the minimal amount of potential danger, accidents are still bound to occur. Playgrounds have been known to cause injuries of all kinds, ranging from the non-serious, such as bruises, […]

Lead Poisoning & You

In 1978, after it was discovered that lead was harmful to humans, the use of lead-based paint was banned, for the construction of homes, and buildings, etc. Lead-based paint, and lead-contaminated dust are among the leading causes of exposure in humans. Houses built before 1978 are likely to contain some amount of hazardous lead. When […]

The Dangers of Electrocution

One of the principal rules when dealing with electrical wires is to always assume that a wire, whether it be fallen and dangling or properly secured, is “live.” When speaking about electricity, “live” means electrified, and by extension, means the wire in question is dangerous. That’s why it’s always best to err on the side […]