Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in Long Island

The best way to handle a truck accident is to never get into one in the first place. However, there is no way to guarantee that. And if you are injured in a truck accident, you have to deal with one of the most complicated situations that life can throw at you — possibly while lying in a hospital bed. That isn’t a situation anyone should have to deal with alone.

Thankfully, you don’t have to; a truck accident attorney from Tucker Lawyers can help guide you through the claims process and handle the majority of the bureaucracy along the way. That is the ideal way to deal with a truck accident after being injured.

But do you really need a lawyer? Won’t the insurance company pay you compensation? Unfortunately, things aren’t always that easy. It’s important to remember that insurance companies exist to make a profit. And they don’t make money by paying compensation to victims of truck accidents. This means that your claim might get denied, or you might receive less money than you deserve. If that happens, it could be too late for an attorney to help. That’s why it is better to consult with a lawyer as soon as you are injured. An attorney can help keep your insurance company from taking advantage of you.

Even though you pay your premiums to protect yourself in situations like this, the insurance company isn’t on your side. You need a lawyer who is on your side. Contact our truck accident attorneys at (516) 399-2364 to schedule a free consultation today.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Our Long Island Truck Accident Lawyers Know How to Negotiate a Fair Settlement

The insurance claims process is frustratingly complicated. This isn’t by accident. The insurance companies created the system to make it difficult for claimants like you to get the money you deserve. In any accident, you are required to provide the insurance company with copious amounts of paperwork and information, and you must do so by arbitrary deadlines. However, where you are dealing with strict deadlines, the insurance company can take nearly as long as it wants to act. And if you make any mistakes, you risk your claim being denied.

To make matters worse, the insurance company is in charge of investigating your claim. This means it gets to decide whether you have a legitimate claim and what it is worth. The insurance company also has the right to dispute individual details or even the claim as a whole. If all that sounds daunting, you’re not alone. The average civilian simply doesn’t know how to begin addressing or contesting these kinds of decisions. And these matters can become even more complicated: imagine, for instance, how difficult the process is when one of the insurance companies involved provides corporate insurance for a trucking company.

But having the system weighted against you doesn’t mean you have to lose. The truck accident lawyers at Tucker Lawyers have decades of experience dealing with insurance claims. We understand what every insurance company wants, how to provide the information to them in a form they will accept, and when the deadlines hit. Furthermore, while insurance companies may attempt to stall your claim, we won’t tolerate that treatment. If your insurance company drags its feet, we will do whatever we can to speed up the process. You don’t just need enough money to cover your medical costs — you need that money quickly so you don’t fall into debt.

Most importantly, though, we can negotiate in ways you can’t. Many insurance companies will make an offer and tell you to take it or leave it. That won’t work on us. When you are represented by Tucker Lawyers, your insurance company knows that you are willing to go to trial. If the insurer fails to negotiate in good faith, we are always prepared to go to court. And due to our experience with these types of cases, we can accurately determine the value of your claim. As a result, we’ll know when the insurance companies are making bad offers and will always refuse them.

Truck Accident Injuries

Why do we fight so hard for you in a truck accident? The main reason is that truck accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries than any other type of accident except for motorcycle accidents. This shouldn’t be surprising. Trucks are roughly five to twenty times the size of passenger vehicles. All that weight can rip apart a standard car, leaving the person inside of it unprotected. And though trucks only account for 5% of the vehicles on the road, they are responsible for 10% of the fatal accidents and approximately 150,000 of the injuries that occur every year.

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you will probably spend weeks in the hospital and months or even years out of work. The average person can’t afford to go much more than a month without working. Adding massive medical bills into the mix will bankrupt all but the richest people. We understand how important it is to get fully compensated for a truck accident. Anything less and your family could be out on the streets.

The importance of being fully compensated after a truck accident can’t be overstated. While the insurance companies may not be on your side, Tucker Lawyers is. Contact us at (516) 399-2364 to schedule a free case evaluation today.

FAQs About Long Island Truck Accidents

Answers to the Most Common Questions from Truck Accident Clients

Most of our clients have never spoken with a personal injury attorney before walking in our door. That means they are confused about their rights and legal options. We like to clear up any confusion as quickly as possible. The following are some of the most common questions we receive at Tucker Lawyers.

  • How many people are killed in truck accidents annually?

    Nearly 4,000 people are killed in truck accidents every year. Sadly, the families of many of those 4,000 people don’t realize that they may be eligible to receive compensation from a wrongful death case. If you are one of those unfortunate people, contact our law firm as soon as possible to speak to a truck accident lawyer. They will tell you about your legal options.

  • What is the biggest cause of truck accidents in Long Island?

    Typically, truck accidents are the result of negligence. Many truck drivers put in more hours on the road than they should. The resulting weariness is a common cause of truck accidents. Another cause is distracted driving. Drivers can be distracted when they use their GPS, talk to someone on their radio, or eat and drink on the road. These types of behaviors are particularly dangerous on Long Island highways, like Sunrise Turnpike, that are poorly maintained. Trucks are already difficult to control. Hitting a pothole while not paying attention practically guarantees an accident.

  • What damages can I get from a truck accident?

    If you are injured in a truck accident, you can receive compensation for the following:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages or salary
    • Physical and occupational therapy
    • Repairing or replacing your vehicle
    • Pain and suffering.

    Our lawyers will determine the approximate value of your case and what types of damages you can expect during the initial free consultation.

  • How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a truck accident in Long Island?

    According to New York law, you have three years after the date of a truck accident to file a lawsuit. This might seem like plenty of time, but that time can disappear quickly, especially if you are recovering from serious injuries. The best way to ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines or lose your chance to file a lawsuit is to contact Tucker Lawyers as soon as possible after getting injured in a truck accident. We’ll start working on your case right away and keep you updated on all looming deadlines.

  • How much is my truck accident injury case worth?

    That depends on how badly you were injured. The worse you were injured, the more money you will typically get. Our experienced truck accident attorneys know how to determine the approximate value of a truck accident case. We will assess the value of your claim during your initial consultation.

If you have additional questions, we can be reached by phone, online, or in person. Our legal team is always happy to answer your questions to ensure that you fully understand your case.

Why Choose Truck Accident Lawyers at Tucker Lawyers

When choosing a law firm, you want one you can trust. Our attorneys have been successfully getting compensation for our clients for decades. If you want to get as much money as you can from your truck accident claim, who better to trust than a Long Island law firm with an excellent record of success?

Don’t wait to act after getting hurt in a truck accident in Long Island. You need money quickly, and we are dedicated to getting that for you. Contact us today at (516) 399-2364 to get represented by a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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