Claiming Social Security Disability benefits is a long and involved process. At Tucker Lawyers PC, we’ve helped countless clients take the necessary steps to begin receiving the compensation they deserve.

You don’t need to hire legal aid in order to file these claims, but our dedicated team of Social Security Disability lawyers can simplify the process for you, and fight to guarantee that you receive the most out of your claim. Attempting to claim benefits on your own can lead to a variety of legal issues, which could wind up costing you money down the line.

The Required Paperwork

To initiate your claim, you’re going to need the following documents:

  • Either original or certified copies of your personal identification
  • All employment-related tax forms (W-2)
  • All employment-related information (Where you worked, for how long, etc.)
  • A detailed medical history including any prescription information
  • Dates of your medical operations and treatments, including all lab and test results
  • Your care provider’s name, phone number, and address

Most claims take somewhere between one and six months to be processed. In the event you are not approved, you will need to appeal the denial of your claim. At this point, it’s important to have legal counsel who can enforce your rights in court.

Hearing in Front of the ALJ

Last year, 1.3 million Americans were denied their original claim to Social Security Disability benefits. So, if you receive a disapproval letter, do not be discouraged. The appeals process is something we at Tucker Lawyers PC are well-equipped to handle and an initial denial does not necessarily mean you will be unable to receive benefits.

The next step is called reconsideration. Once you get your letter of denial it is important to move fast; after 60 days you are no longer able to file for reconsideration. In this interim process, our specialized attorneys can help gather additional evidence in order to bolster your claim. Then, a new panel will review your case.

If reconsideration doesn’t work, you are still not out of options. You can request a private hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This judge will not have had any dealings with the first two portions of your claim process. It is hugely beneficial having an experienced Social Security Disability attorney act as liaison between you and the judge.

The Appeals Process

If you choose to appeal, an appeals council will review your claim against the decision made by the ALJ. One of the many benefits of being represented by Tucker Lawyers PC is that we will assist you in making the appropriate appeals in a timely manner. Failure to appeal within 60 days of your denial by an Administrative Law Judge could force you to restart the entire process from the beginning.

Federal Court

If all else fails, you can take your claim to Federal Court. At this level, a judge has the ability to approve or deny your claim, or they can send your claim back down through the lower levels of court.

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The Social Security disability application process is in place to put you at financial ease during your time of need. If you’re suffering from an impairment that precludes you from maintaining gainful employment, Social Security Disability benefits can help you cope with medical bills, ongoing medical treatment, and provide you with the benefits that will help keep you financially stable. Contact Tucker Lawyers PC for a free consultation. We have the skill, expertise and experience to win benefits in the most difficult cases to secure the benefits our clients deserve, and if we’re not able to win your case, all legal fees are waived. A serious impairment may mean the end of your work career but it shouldn’t mean the end of a comfortable life.

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