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A simple slip and fall may not cause injury to some people. For others, that fall can lead to drastic outcomes that change the course of a person’s life. When an accident like this occurs, and it is due to the negligence of another party, it is critical to seek out the help of a Huntington slip and fall lawyer who can help you secure the financial support you need.

When you walk through a store or restaurant or visit a professional office space, you have the right to assume the space will be safe for you. Yet, there are times when that does not happen. You trip, fall, and hit your head or dislocate your hip. In other cases, a person might damage their spinal column and have to face the fact that they may never walk again.

In challenging situations like this, it is critical to have a dedicated Huntington slip and fall attorney by your side to work closely with you. Let us help you to prove that someone owes you compensation for your losses.

Don’t settle with an insurance company until you speak to our team. Let us ensure that your slip and fall claim receives the fair attention and compensation that you deserve.

Our team is experienced in identifying what negligence is and how we can prove your claim. Call our Huntington slip and fall attorney today at (212) 563-1900 for a free consultation about your case.

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve suffered serious financial loss and injury as a result of a slip and fall accident, our legal team can provide you with comprehensive, fair, and reliable representation in the matter. Without a doubt, these cases can be challenging to prove. That’s why you want to be sure you are working with an experienced team who has the ability – and the proven track record – to help you. Here are a few reasons why we stand out when it comes to slip and fall attorneys in Huntington.

  • Exceptional client service: We have worked hard to build up our reputation within the community. As a result, our client testimonials show just how dedicated we are to our clients. We have satisfied clients because of the work we have done for them.
  • Outstanding results. Through the work we have done to support our clients, we have helped them receive millions of dollars in compensation for their losses. Our results speak for themselves.
  • Our dedication to the community. Our work aims to help the community, not just through our clients but through the good work we do on a consistent basis in the places where we live. We often sponsor organizations and offer scholarships. We care about the people we serve.

Our legal team is experienced, dedicated, and reliable. We are compassionate and caring to our clients but dedicated to being aggressive in pursuing recoveries for them. Beyond a doubt, we care about our clients, and that stands out in everything we do for them.

We can help you, too. When you call our Huntington slip and fall lawyer, you are working with a team that is passionate about your well-being. Let us talk to you about your legal options. Call us now for a free consultation to discuss your slip and fall accident. Call us now at 516-399-2364 for immediate help.

When Should You Turn to a Slip and Fall Attorney in Huntington?

Count on our slip and fall lawyer in Huntington to be there for you if you are facing any type of significant losses from a slip and fall accident. We often work with people who have had to undergo a lot of medical care, rehabilitation, or surgical procedures as a result of their accident.

Perhaps you slipped and fell while working, injuring your hip or back so much so that you can no longer walk without pain. In some situations, this may fall under workers’ compensation claims, but other times it may not. In all situations, our slip and fall lawyer in Huntington is available to help you.

You may have fallen in a parking lot, hit your head on the cement, and suffered a traumatic brain injury that has made it hard for you to work or enjoy the things you used to do. Our goal is to help you through any type of loss you have.

Slip and fall cases are a type of premises liability. That means that someone did not create a safe environment for you to be in, even though there is the expectation that this area would be safe. Keep in mind that these types of accidents can happen for many reasons. For example, a person may fall down a set of steps because those steps are not safe for a person to use. The owner of the steps knows the problem exists and doesn’t make changes to it. That could mean the owner is responsible.

Did the city you live in offer a playground for children to enjoy but fail to structure it in a way that kept your child safe? Perhaps an area broke off, or a railing was missing. Falling accidents from playgrounds could also be a consideration for calling a Huntington slip and fall attorney.

In any of these and other cases, our legal team is ready to help you. Our slip and fall attorneys in Huntington will provide you with a comprehensive consultation to discuss what happened. We will work closely with you then to determine if you have a case and how we can pursue damages for you.

Don’t wait to call us for a consultation. Let us help you determine if you have a case. Call 516-399-2364 to learn more.

Am I at Fault for a Slip and Fall?

To establish negligence on the part of the New York property owner for public or private property, and therefore substantiate liability for your accident and subsequent injuries, your Huntington slip and fall lawyer will have to prove three things:

  • The property owner caused the dangerous conditions that led to your fall.
  • They knew about hazardous conditions and opted not to fix them.
  • They should have known about the dangerous conditions because a reasonable person would have noticed and fixed them.

A few other factors determine slip and fall liability. How long the location was potentially dangerous is one. For instance, it can be hard for a property owner to shovel and de-ice walkways and stairs in the middle of a snowstorm.

Other factors include the property owner’s protocol for inspecting the general area and how the hazard could have been fixed or otherwise remedied before the accident.

However, there are a few factors that the other party’s insurance company may claim made you at fault for your accident:

  • You wore flimsy footwear or unsupportive shoes.
  • You were in a hurry.
  • You were distracted, using your phone, or not paying attention.
  • You ignored posted signage warning of hazardous conditions.

When these situations apply, you may have a harder time proving your claim.

How Our Slip and Fall Attorneys in Huntington Can Help You


Our seasoned slip and fall lawyer in Huntington will be able to construct a case for reasonable negligence. One reason that slip and fall cases are so tricky is that proving the “reasonable” part of a reasonable negligence claim can be subjective.

However, these claims can be proven through documented records or by proving that no safety records or best practices exist. Most of the proof in reasonable negligence cases comes down to showing what a reasonable person in the property owner’s position would do, which can come down to industry standards, OSHA practices, and plain common sense.

When you work with Tucker Lawyers, you can rely on our experience and feel secure knowing that we will advocate for you aggressively. We take on insurers to get you the best settlement possible. If your case needs to go to court, our skilled litigators are ready to fight for you.

Talk to our slip and fall attorney in Huntington about your case. We stand ready to advocate for you and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (212) 563-1900.

FAQs about Huntington Slip and Fall Accidents


When you’re hurt after taking a fall, you could have a legal claim if your fall was caused by someone’s negligence. You may wonder how a legal case works after a slip and fall accident in Huntington. If you suffered severe injuries, you may wonder where to turn, be concerned about medical bills, be worried about lost wages, and wonder how you can get the most compensation possible. Our Huntington slip and fall accident lawyers are here to answer any questions you may have after a nasty fall. Here are a few we regularly hear.

  • What is the statute of limitations for a slip and fall?

    In New York, you have three years from the date of the incident to file a claim.

  • How much is my Huntington slip and fall accident settlement worth?

    Each case is different, but the average slip and fall case settles for $10,000 to $50,000.

  • How much will a slip and fall lawyer in Huntington cost?

    Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, where they’re paid a portion of a winning settlement. If they don’t win the case, they don’t receive payment.

  • How long will it take to settle my slip and fall case?

    Our lawyer will often want you to complete your medical treatment before filing a claim to ensure that they have an accurate dollar amount for your medical fees and to compensate you for any time missed at work.

Don’t see an answer to your question? We are happy to help. Reach out to our slip and fall accident attorney in Huntington to talk about your case.

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