Injuries From Dog Bites

If a dog owner failed to properly contain his pet, or knew that the dog had a history of aggressiveness and failed to adequately restrain the animal in public, they will be held legally liable for any injuries that the dog has caused. If you’ve been injured by a dog whose owner’s negligence put you in danger, you are eligible to sue for compensation. The dog bite attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC will fight to secure a benefits package that will provide for your medical bills and ensure you receive ongoing care as you recover. Proving negligence on the part of the owner is a complicated matter, but the experienced team at Tucker Lawyers PC know how to best maximize your potential benefits.

Owner’s Responsibilities

If a dog has a tendency to attack human beings without being provoked, then it is considered to be a dangerous dog. All dangerous dogs must be satisfactorily kept away from people they could potentially injure. If a dog is considered to be dangerous, though, there are steps its owner can take to ensure the dog does no harm:

  • Keep the dog in a humane but adequately fenced-in space, with properly working gates and / or locks
  • Display highly-visible signs warning passers-by of the potential threat the dog poses
  • When taken out in public, fit the dog with a muzzle to minimize the risk of biting injuries
  • Never let the dog interact with people unsupervised
  • Keep the dog on a leash at all times, being walked by an experienced and capable adult

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in New York City

We understand how harrowing a dog attack can be. All dog owners should know that owning an animal is both a great experience and a big responsibility. A dog, acting on instincts, cannot be blamed for its actions. It is up to the dog owner to take the reasonable precautionary measures that help prevent avoidable injuries. If you’ve been injured due to a dog owner’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to worry about expensive medical bills and should be compensated for any physical scarring that results. Contact us today for a free consultation from personal injury lawyers in Queens, we can win you the compensation you deserve, and if we are not able to win your case there is no fee for our legal assistance.

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