Elevator Accidents

New York City is one of the tallest cities in the world. It is filled with buildings with dozens of floors and even some buildings over 100 stories tall. While these buildings have stairs, you can’t meaningfully get around them without using one of their many elevators. Elevators, for the most part, have proven to be safe technology that is significantly more convenient than stairs. However, just because most elevators are safe doesn’t mean all are. Some buildings have poorly maintained elevators that are dangerous to those who use them. If an elevator malfunction has injured you, consult an NYC elevator accident lawyer immediately.

Elevator accidents are a result of numerous factors. But they rarely occur when elevators are well maintained and replaced when necessary. If you suffer NYC elevator injuries, it is likely because a building owner failed to take adequate safety measures to ensure the elevator was safe. New York elevator accident lawyers from Tucker Lawyers PC may help you prove that your injuries were the result of carelessness or recklessness, and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Why Choose NYC Elevator Accident Lawyers from Tucker Lawyers PC?

A Friendly Neighborhood Law Firm

Tucker Lawyers PC is a New York law firm dedicated to defending the rights of people who have been injured in NYC. Our clients aren’t just people who walk in the door or call us on the phone. They are members of a community we love and have served for decades. We believe in giving back to our community, and helping people recover from grievous injuries is just one of the many ways we do that.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we only consider a case successful when our clients have fully recovered from their injuries and are happy enough with our service to recommend us to their friends and family. We achieve this success by treating every case like it is the most important case we have ever worked on.

Our team members know how devastating NYC elevator injuries can be, and we respect the pain that you are suffering. That is the reason we compassionately support our clients in any way we can. Typically, we try to insulate them from the legal process and from dealing with uncaring insurance companies while still giving them regular updates so that they are aware of the progress of their case. Experience tells us this is the best way to help you recover quickly with as little stress as possible.

If you want a caring elevator injury lawyer in NYC who has an exceptional record of getting compensation for clients, you can’t do better than to trust your elevator accident case to the attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC.

NYC Elevator Injuries Statistics

According to the New York Department of Buildings, there have been at least 48 serious injuries and 22 deaths due to elevators in NYC since 2010. This may not seem like a very high number, but there is no good reason for any elevator deaths or injuries.

Unlike vehicles, elevators are not prone to user error nor do elevators travel along undefined paths that risk collisions between elevators. The only meaningful failure that can occur in an elevator is from the wear and tear of parts. And that should never happen if the elevator is properly inspected, repaired, and replaced as required by law.

Elevator Safety Standards

The NYC Department of Buildings regulates the use of elevators within the city by setting and enforcing safety standards for the tens of thousands of units operating in New York. When an inspection indicates an elevator is unsafe, the department has the authority to shut it down and force the building owner to correct the situation before it can be used again.

If you believe an elevator is unsafe, you can contact the Department of Buildings and report your suspicions. This will instigate an inspection and possibly a notice to the public. The department also maintains a list of buildings that have logged the most violations, so the public can be aware of which elevators are least likely to be safe.

When a new client comes to Tucker Lawyers PC, we use this information as part of our investigation of their case. If, for example, the owner of the building where you were injured has a reputation for poorly maintaining elevators in their buildings, we can use that information to show that their recklessness likely led to your injuries.

Safety Advice for New York Elevators

Avoid Getting Hurt in the First Place

While elevators are typically quite safe, there is always a small danger when you step inside a large mechanical device. You can protect yourself by following these elevator safety rules:

  • Watch your feet when stepping on or off an elevator.
  • Stay away from the door while the elevator is in motion.
  • Only press the button or buttons you need and no others.
  • Hold the handrail.
  • Never enter an elevator if that would put it over capacity.
  • If someone tries to put the elevator over capacity, ask them to leave or leave yourself.
  • Be certain your shoelaces are tied before entering an elevator.
  • Always face the front of the elevator.
  • Hold the hands of children while in the elevator.
  • Never attempt to use an elevator if there is a fire.
  • Remain calm and use the emergency call button if the elevator gets stuck.

You can also call 911 if you experience an emergency in an elevator or due to an elevator malfunction. Emergency responders will contact the building management and send help as quickly as possible.

What to Do After Suffering NYC Elevator Injuries

If you are seriously injured by an elevator in New York, contact 911 as soon as possible. Elevator injuries can range in severity from mild to life-threatening. But until you have been evaluated by a medical professional, you should treat any injury as if it could be fatal. That means you should avoid moving and follow any instructions the 911 operator gives you while you are waiting. The only reason you should move from where you are is if you are in an unsafe location and there is a threat that you will be further harmed by staying in place. Only move around after you have been evaluated and the first responder has said it is safe to do so.

What you do next depends on the condition of your injuries. If the first responder recommends you go to the emergency room, you should follow those instructions. Serious injuries can often become life-threatening if they don’t receive immediate medical attention. And even non-lethal injuries might worsen if not treated quickly. This can result in much more severe consequences and may lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering. Not only do you want to avoid this, but if you refuse medical attention after it is recommended, an insurance company may use that to deny some or all of your claim.

After medical treatment, the next thing you should do is contact an elevator injury lawyer in NYC as soon as possible. It’s best if you can do this while still at the accident scene. That will make it easier for you to answer any questions from the elevator accident attorney in NYC and should speed up both the investigation of your accident and the determination of the value of your case. It could also give you a chance to record evidence from the accident that will be useful to your lawyer. However, if you can’t contact an attorney before going to the hospital, that is fine. Just share whatever information you have and let your lawyer do the work.

While you probably are eligible to file a claim with the building owner’s insurance company, you shouldn’t try to do this. Instead, let your elevator injury lawyer in NYC communicate with the appropriate parties. This will prevent you from making a mistake that could hurt your claim and will stop the insurance company from trying to pay you off with a subpar offer.

The final thing you need to do after an elevator accident is to be patient. It will probably take a few weeks or months to receive compensation. During that time, you should avoid talking about the injury to friends, to family, or on social media. The insurance company could potentially use anything you say about the accident to lower your compensation. We understand this is frustrating, so we will keep you as informed as possible throughout the process and do our best to get you money quickly.

No one wants to be hurt in an elevator accident, but you can take comfort in the fact that Tucker Lawyers PC is there when you have been hurt. Contact us today at (516) 399-2364 to speak to an elevator accident attorney.


Elevator accidents are uncommon enough that you likely have questions if you have been injured in one. You aren’t the only one. Here is what others have asked.

Can a building owner put up a “Use at your own risk” sign to avoid liability?

No. The building owner is responsible for ensuring the elevator is safe. If they know or suspect the elevator isn’t safe, they can’t push the liability onto you. They can (and should) prevent anyone from using the elevator.

I’m disabled and a building doesn’t have a working elevator. Can I sue?

You may have legal options based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. This isn’t typically the type of law we handle, but we are happy to discuss your case during a free consultation and may be able to provide some assistance.

Is it better to call 911 or push the emergency button if the elevator gets stuck?

If no one is hurt or in immediate medical peril, you should press the emergency button. A 911 operator can handle your case, but you probably won’t be freed any sooner unless someone is in peril.

How much will an NYC elevator accident lawyer cost me?

We take personal injury cases on contingency. That means we only charge you if we win you money, and our fee is a percentage of the money we get you. Your attorney will explain the fee structure completely during your free case evaluation.

What should I do if I think an elevator is unsafe?

Don’t use it and take the stairs instead. Notify a building manager if one is available and also notify the NYC Department of Buildings.

While the law is extremely complicated, that doesn’t mean you have to be confused by the parts that affect you. We answer every question our clients have, so they can best help with their cases and feel safe and protected throughout the legal process.

Contact an Experienced Elevator Accident Attorney in NYC

There are thousands of elevators in New York City. Some of them are modern elevators installed within the past month. Other elevators are older than the oldest person living in New York City. But age isn’t always the best way to judge how safe an elevator is. Typically, a well-maintained elevator is safer than a poorly maintained one half its age.

Unfortunately, not every building owner in NYC is willing to invest in elevator repair and maintenance—and that leads to preventable injuries and deaths. If you are the victim of a poorly maintained elevator, don’t wait another moment to protect your rights. Tucker Lawyers PC is ready with the attorneys needed to help you get the compensation you deserve for the harm you suffered.

When you need to recover quickly from an elevator injury in NYC, contact the law firm with a long history of helping victims recover quickly. Call Tucker Lawyers PC at (516) 399-2364 to speak to an attorney today.

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