Playground Safety

Every year, thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Even though playgrounds are designed to provide the optimal amount of enjoyment for the children while posing the minimal amount of potential danger, accidents are still bound to occur. Playgrounds have been known to cause injuries of all kinds, ranging from the non-serious, such as bruises, scratches, and minor cuts, to the more severe, such as broken and dislocated bones, internal bleeding, and brain trauma. As always, there are ways to prevent these types of accidents, through preparation and vigilance. From the basic slides and sandboxes of old to the more advanced monkey-bar linked complexes featured in modern playgrounds, any area heavily trafficked by children needs to be monitored carefully and maintained properly.

Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of their children. In an effort to keep all children as protected as can possibly be, parents and non-parents alike will be well-served reading some of the safety information we’ve included below, including some general statistics that can help guide adults. Understanding the equipment and scenarios that are most dangerous can help coach supervisors about what’s best to do and what’s best to avoid. Memorizing the safety procedures below will allow us all to work together in the name of child safety.

The Most Common Causes of Playground Injuries

  • Other Children: The high-energy world of the playground sometimes brings out the frenetic in kids. While at play, kids can sometimes get wrapped up in the fun and wind up hurting themselves- or others. Whether intentional or not, if another child injures your child it may be that child’s parent’s responsibility to provide for the resultant medical bills. The Fix: Make sure your kids are alert and watchful. Teach them the benefits of “playing nice” with others, and highlight the superiority of getting along. If your child knows how to have fun without putting themselves in harm’s way, everybody wins.
  • Slips & Falls: Kids have an intrinsic fascination with scaling rope nets and ladders and tubes, and are equally delighted when returning to terra firma via slides. Playgrounds capitalize on this love, aiming to strike a balance between enjoyable yet safe ascents. Unfortunately, when gravity and heights are involved, there is always an inherent risk of injury. Morning dew or leftover rainfall only amplifies the potentiality of a child slipping and falling off of playground equipment. The Fix: Instruct your kids to take it slow- trips and falls are far less likely to occur when your children play at a safe and orderly pace. If the playground equipment seems slick, maybe wait until a sunnier day to play!
  • Faulty Equipment: Of paramount importance for the grounds crew and maintenance workers at schools and parks is making absolute certain that the playground equipment is up to code. There should be no extraneous protrusions, (which can snag clothing or feet, prompting trips) and no over-wide gaps in walkways or between railing bars, (which children could slip through). There should be no sharp edges or unfinished areas. A removal of all unsafe debris should be diligently performed each morning, before activity begins. Sandboxes should be swept for any hazardous submerged objects. By conceiving and then completing a checklist of safety protocols, those involved in playground upkeep can ensure a safe environment. Outdoor equipment may deteriorate in quality through years of exposure to the elements. And weatherbeaten playgrounds are apt to splinter, crack and potentially break under the weight of playing children. The property owner or governing body in charge of any given playground has a legal obligation to make hasty repairs on all equipment. The Fix: As a parent, you’ll want to make a careful sweep of the play area yourself before allowing your kids access to the grounds. If you find anything unusual or potentially dangerous, alert someone in charge. If you are a teacher or a principal, be sure to do the same.

Who Is At Fault?

If you’ve carefully gone over this material, and have done all you could do to safeguard your child, someone else may be at fault for the injury that has taken place. Has someone brought their dog to the playground, and has that dog bitten your child? Has the foreman of the playground erected faulty equipment? Did the steward of the play set improperly or negligently maintain the equipment, creating a hazardous environment? Did another child maliciously attack your child? Have school or government officials failed to hire adequately trained and properly vigilant employees to oversee their school or park playground? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, you may be entitled to seek restitution. Your first course of action should be securing immediate medical assistance for your child. Then read about your legal options, below.

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