A great way to increase your chances of receiving Social Security Disability Benefits is to maintain a full and open discourse with your doctor. Honesty and communication is vital, as you will see. If you’re suffering from a disability, the more information you have on your side the better when it comes to eventually presenting your case.

This means that accurate medical histories should be preserved, and detailed accounts of all treatments, procedures, surgeries, and prescriptions should be kept. A Social Security Disability benefits board will try and find holes in your case, but by staying diligent, you can limit the weak points in your claim.

This is the best way to ensure your claim is validated. Personal physicians can also provide anecdotal evidence as to the extent of your disability, which can help illuminate your case. The Social Security Disability attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can speak with your doctors to make sure that their reports are clear and concise and that they properly depict your condition and limitations.

You understand the importance of medical evidence but you should also understand some common mistakes that may hurt your case:

  • Saying the wrong thing. If you’re not sure whether or not a statement will affect your case positively or negatively, it may be prudent to not say anything at all. If you are obligated to make a statement, it is best to do so in the presence of an attorney, and you should always ask for a transcript afterwards.
  • Disobeying a doctor’s orders. If you do not strictly follow a doctor’s orders, a judge can very easily state that you would be able to return to work had you not disobeyed. This is an easily avoidable problem if you stick to the regimen that your doctor provides for you.
  • Missing follow-up appointments. As is the case with directly disobeying a doctor, failure to attend scheduled follow-ups will give a judge an easily identifiable reason as to why you are unable to work.
  • Failure to communicate with your doctor. As mentioned earlier, an honest dialog with your physician is the best way to get the care you require and ensure that a judge finds no justifiable reason to deny your claim. Remember to always be forthcoming with your physicians.

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