When Negligence Led to Your fall, Our Southampton Slip-and-Fall Attorney Protects Your Rights

What is the biggest mistake the average person makes when they injure themselves after slipping in a public place? The answer is simple — they don’t take the injury seriously. Slip and fall injuries are often more serious than they seem at first glance. They can result in lifelong back or head injuries that will hinder you for life.

At Tucker Lawyers, the last thing we want to see is a client facing a lifetime of bills and medical treatment. Our Southampton slip and fall lawyers are dedicated to helping people avoid that fate. If you were injured from a fall in a public place, contact our law firm as soon as possible to find out how we can help.

Were you injured in a slip and fall at a public location? Facing mounting medical bills or weeks of lost wages? Don’t face those hardships alone. Contact a slip and fall lawyer in Southampton at (516) 399-2364 to schedule a free case evaluation.

What to Do After A Slip and Fall Injury

Advice From a Southampton Slip and Fall Attorney

The most important moments in almost every slip and fall case are those shortly after the accident. Your decisions in these moments could potentially be worth tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. While a slip and fall lawyer in Southampton from Tucker Lawyers can’t be physically present at the accident scene in most situations, we can help guide you through those first few moments and hopefully protect your ability to get compensation.

Get Medical Attention Immediately

We understand how expensive medical attention is in the United States. Many clients are reluctant to call for help because of this cost. But not getting medical help is the worst decision you can make after suffering an injury. If you refuse medical treatment, the insurance companies can use that fact to deny you coverage. Furthermore, many serious injuries, particularly back and head injuries, aren’t immediately apparent after an accident. Let a medical professional evaluate you and go to the hospital if they recommend treatment. We will fight to get you compensation later. But we might lose that opportunity if you refuse medical attention at first.

Don’t Speak about Your Accident to Anyone Other Than Your Lawyer

If you are hurt in a public place, especially if you are hurt at a business, a representative of the owner of the premises is likely to try to speak to you. While it may seem like they are concerned about your health, they are really only concerned about liability. They want you to say something that can be used to assign you fault for the injury. Don’t say anything to anyone about the injury, and don’t sign anything. Sometimes, a person might claim that if you don’t sign some paperwork, their insurance company won’t pay you anything. Ignore them. That is just a trick to get you to sign away your rights.

Document The Accident Scene

If you have a camera, take as many pictures of the accident scene as you can. Also, take pictures of your injuries. This evidence could be critically important for your Southampton slip and fall lawyer. While documenting the scene, look for any cameras that might have recorded the accident and get the contact information for any witnesses. You can speak to a witness to get contact information. Just remember not to talk to them about the events of the accident. All this information will help your slip and fall attorney in Southampton get you compensation.

Contact A Southampton Slip And Fall Attorney

If you haven’t already called a slip and fall lawyer in Southampton, now is the time to call Tucker Lawyers. The sooner we learn about your case, the sooner we can assign personnel to investigate your claim. This can be critical since evidence often disappears quickly in cases like these. The premises owner may intentionally try to hide evidence or pressure employees to not cooperate with our investigation.

Furthermore, if you call us at the scene, we can provide legal advice immediately. This could matter if you are being hounded by a lawyer or grilled by an investigating police officer. We’ll help you stay calm and prevent you from making any mistakes that cost you money.

The moments after a slip and fall accident in Southampton can be terrifying. Typically, you are in pain, and the only people claiming to help you are really just trying to protect themselves. If you want help from someone who cares, contact a slip and fall lawyer in Southampton from Tucker Lawyers at (516) 399-2364.

Why Choose A Southampton Slip And Fall Lawyer From Tucker Lawyers?

Southampton Law Firm That Puts Clients First

Too many lawyers only care about one thing — making money. At Tucker Lawyers, our biggest concern is the client. We know how difficult life can become after a slip and fall injury. You are probably experiencing pain like you have never felt and spiraling medical bills. What you need most of all is a slip and fall attorney in Southampton that can help relieve your stress.

We take pride in our ability to relieve the stress of clients. Our compassionate Southampton slip and fall lawyers will take command of your case, allowing you to focus primarily on your recovery. It is easier to recover when you don’t have to deal with insurance agents or corporate lawyers. And once you are represented by our legal team, those people can’t talk to you directly without our permission. We will also direct you to support resources that will help you avoid financial ruin while you are waiting for the insurance company to pay compensation. This type of support can make all the difference when you are trying to recover from a serious injury.

It all comes down to trust. Can you trust your slip and fall lawyer in Southampton to be honest with you and keep you updated throughout your case? Our attorneys will try to answer your questions before you ask them and always use your preferred form of communication. Can you trust your lawyer to look out for your best interests? Our attorneys ask tons of questions up front so that we understand what is important to you. Can you trust your lawyer to get you the money you need? We stand by our past results and the many testimonials previous clients have provided for us. We always seek to be the law firm that you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people will never experience a serious slip and fall injury. While this is a good thing, it also means that most clients have many questions for our attorneys. That is fine. We like answering our clients’ questions. A better-informed client is more comfortable with their representation and is more likely to win higher compensation.

Does the premises owner need to know about a hazard to be responsible for it?

No. A premises owner is required to proactively identify hazards and take appropriate measures to protect others from them. If they don’t take the appropriate actions to identify threats, they can’t claim ignorance to avoid liability.

How does my lawyer prove fault in a slip and fall case?

Your lawyer can prove fault in a slip and fall case in several ways. Typically, we will look for evidence that the owner of the premises was aware or should have been aware of a hazard. This usually involves interviews with people who were present at the time of the accident or employees of the business, if applicable.

What are the worst types of injuries from a slip and fall accident?

The worst injury anyone can suffer from a fall is death. Wrongful death is relatively uncommon with a slip and fall injury, though. You are more likely to suffer a serious spinal or head injury. These injuries often result in lifelong disabilities that require significant compensation to recover from.

Is there a time limit for filing a lawsuit for a slip and fall injury?

Yes. New York places a statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits. You need to file your lawsuit within three years of the accident. If you wait longer than that, your case will be dismissed.

How long will it take to get money?

That depends on the circumstances of your case. If your case is relatively simple, we can usually negotiate a settlement within a few weeks. We will want to wait until a doctor has confirmed that you don’t have long-term effects from your injury, though.

If we are forced to go to trial for some reason, you will usually have to wait a year or more for your case to be complete.

If you have more questions, our attorneys are happy to answer them. Just ask during your free consultation.

Contact Tucker Lawyers Immediately after A Slip And Fall Injury

Were you injured in a slip and fall accident? Those injuries might be due to the negligence of another. At Tucker Lawyers, we’ll help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

Don’t wait after suffering a slip and fall injury. Contact our caring slip and fall attorneys immediately at (516) 399-2364 to start exploring your legal options.

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