Brooklyn has its fair share of hazards. While it isn’t as crowded as some of the other boroughs, it still has plenty of auto accidents, construction mishaps, and pedestrian injuries. Those types of injuries are almost understandable when you take into account the situation and how many people live in the borough.

But one type of accident almost always feels unnecessary — slip-and-fall accidents resulting from negligence. There is no reason employers or business owners shouldn’t take appropriate care. Yet some don’t, and this can result in your getting seriously injured. When that happens, you need an experienced Brooklyn slip-and-fall lawyer to help you get the justice you deserve.

Slip-and-fall injuries could often be prevented if other parties weren’t negligent. When they happen, you deserve compensation for the harm you suffered. Contact a slip-and-fall lawyer in Brooklyn at (516) 399-2364 today to learn about your legal options.

How Negligence Causes Slips and Falls in Brooklyn

Observations From Brooklyn Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

Almost every time we meet a victim of a slip and fall, they are injured because some party acted negligently. Unfortunately, negligence is all too common, especially in places that are open to the public, like businesses and subway stations.

Few people realize it, but the owners of places open to the public are required to ensure the safety of everyone who enters those premises. This means, for example, that if someone spills their drink at a restaurant, the business owner is required to ensure that it is quickly cleaned up and the floor is dried to prevent anyone (staff or customer) from slipping on the wet spot. The owner doesn’t have to deal with this problem directly as long as they have mechanisms in place to quickly correct foreseeable situations like this one. Thus, the owner would be negligent if they didn’t have policies designating who should clean up messes like that or didn’t ensure that an employee was present with the right equipment to clean the mess.

Slip and fall injuries can occur in several different types of settings. The following are some of the common examples of negligence leading to slip and fall injuries in Brooklyn.

Wet Entryways

This is a common danger in the winter months. Many business owners don’t put enough effort into ensuring their entryways remain clear of water, ice, and slush. They may put a small carpet at the entryway to collect water, but even that doesn’t soak it all up when there is heavy rain or snow. The entryway should be cleaned and dried regularly to ensure customers aren’t tracking in snow and ice that creates a hazardous situation. When this doesn’t happen, the owner is liable for any slip and fall injuries.

You’re probably familiar with another common example of this danger — subways. Most subway entrances are stairs that become dangerous with even a small amount of water or ice. The borough is supposed to assign custodial workers to keep the stairs dry and safe. When those workers aren’t doing their jobs or aren’t assigned to a subway station, our Brooklyn slip-and-fall attorneys will pursue the city for damages resulting from any injuries.

Poor Lighting

Just as premises owners are responsible for preventing slippery floors, they are also responsible for ensuring that their buildings have good lighting. Poor lighting is a common cause of slip and fall injuries, especially in stairwells. One of the more common locations for poor lighting (or burned-out lights that haven’t been replaced) is parking garages. Since parking garage stairs are often made of concrete or metal, this can easily lead to serious injuries.

Lack of Warning Signs

Some hazards can’t be removed. For example, the edge of the subway tracks will also be dangerous. It is a sudden drop with a big fall, and the tracks are dangerous as well. But the subway doesn’t work if that is removed, and there is no way to board the subway if a wall or gate is placed in front of the tracks. In a situation like this, the premises owner is required to place a highly visible warning to ensure the safety of anyone near the hazard. That’s why subway tracks have a thick yellow warning line and written warnings posted in numerous places. If these signs weren’t present, the city would be responsible for any resulting harm that came to people. When a similar danger is present in another public location, the owner must warn visitors.

Broken Handrails

Sometimes, the danger isn’t at floor level. When a railing is broken, it can cause a slip and fall as easily as a wet floor. The person using the rail expects it to provide support. When it doesn’t, they fall and get hurt. Similar to other situations, the owner was responsible for maintaining this.

Do you think you suffered an injury due to the negligence of a premises owner? You need the help of a slip-and-fall lawyer in Brooklyn to pursue your legal options. Don’t wait. Contact Tucker Lawyers today at (516) 399-2364 to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Slip-and-Fall Attorneys in Brooklyn From Tucker Lawyers

Many potential clients are unsure whether they even need a lawyer after a slip and fall in Brooklyn. They believe that they can get money from the responsible party’s insurance company without getting a Brooklyn slip-and-fall attorney involved. The first thing we do is correct that misconception.

Insurance companies are businesses that aim to make money, which means they do anything possible to avoid paying compensation. Our Brooklyn slip-and-fall lawyers understand how insurance companies work and counter them at every step. Our attorneys have extensive experience in recreating accident scenes and collecting evidence. This ability to collect evidence missed by the insurance company or that they attempt to ignore is the reason we have such impressive results, netting millions of dollars for our clients.

But experience is only half of why we stand out among Brooklyn slip-and-fall lawyers. We are also dedicated to our community. We believe everyone in Brooklyn is a neighbor and deserves as many opportunities and as much support as possible. Tucker Lawyers supports several charities and provides a scholarship for local students. Every member of the Tucker Lawyers team is dedicated to helping the people of this community.

Slip and Fall FAQ

Common Questions for Our Brooklyn Slip-and-Fall Attorneys

Slip-and-fall claims can deal with some relatively complex aspects of premises liability law. If you are like most people who walk into our office, you probably don’t have a legal degree. We understand that and try to answer all of your questions before you even ask them.

  • How do you prove fault in a slip-and-fall case?

    To prove fault in a slip-and-fall case, we need to show that the property owner was either aware of a hazard or should have been aware of a hazard and failed to take appropriate corrective action, resulting in your injury. It is important to note that someone can be liable even if they weren’t aware of a danger if they should have foreseen the danger and taken precautions against it.

  • What should I do after a slip and fall?

    There are two things you should do immediately after a slip and fall. The first thing you should do is get medical attention. Your health needs to be your top priority after getting injured. Second, you should contact a slip-and-fall lawyer in Brooklyn.

  • What is the statute of limitations in New York for slips and falls?

    The statute of limitations in New York for slip-and-fall claims is three years under normal circumstances. However, if you need to file a claim against the government, you only have 90 days to act. In either situation, you should consult with an attorney immediately.

  • Will my case go to trial?

    You make the final decision about whether your case goes to trial. However, in most personal injury cases like slip-and-fall situations, your attorney will negotiate a settlement outside of court.

  • Can I get a free consultation?

    Yes. Every initial consultation at Tucker Lawyers is free, and you have no obligation to retain our services after the consultation.

If you have any other questions, just ask. Our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys are always happy to answer questions.

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