At Tucker Lawyers PC, we know that while dogs make for great pets, some are potentially dangerous. We are concerned for your safety, so we’ve put together this brief instructional guide to provide you with helpful tips on how to recognize aggressive dogs and avoid getting bitten.

Having a working knowledge of canine behavioral patterns is the best way to avoid attacks. With an intuitive knowledge between a dog that feels friendly and at ease, versus a dog who feels threatened and is poised to attack, you may be able to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

A relaxed dog…

  • Will have a tail that is wagging gently, or is pointed downwards. But a threatened dog’s tail will point upwards or wag aggressively.
  • Will have ears that droop beside its head. But a threatened dog’s ears will point up, in a taut and alert position.
  • Will look calm, sedate, or even lethargic. But a threatened dog will pace, or jolt- appearing anxious and defensive.
  • Will let its tongue fall out of its mouth. But a threatened dog will bare its teeth.
  • Will let its hair fall smoothly and flatly along its body. But a threatened dog’s hair will stick straight up.
  • May bark occasionally, but for the most part, will be silent. But when a dog is barking menacingly for a prolonged period of time, he may be preparing to attack.

Here are a few more ways you can avoid being bit by a dog:

  • Remember to be especially careful around a dog and her puppies. Mothers can become very protective of their young, and may attack if they suspect the safety of their offspring is being threatened.
  • Do not interrupt a dog when it is eating. In fact, try and not come between a dog and its food at all.
  • Running away from a dog that has gotten loose may encourage it to chase. The best thing to do is to stand still and avoid eye contact with the dog. This may cause the animal to lose interest.
  • Try tossing a ball or other item away from you if being pursued by a dog. You may be able to distract it.
  • When playing with a dog, try and not let the actions get out of hand. A dog often doesn’t know the full extent of its own strength, and playful fighting can often become dangerous without the dog intentionally desiring to harm you. Set limits with dogs that are prone to hyperactivity.
  • Don’t unnecessarily provoke a dog. A friendly dog can be pet gently and lovingly but never poked, prodded or annoyed. An unfriendly dog should simply be avoided. Make sure to consult with the dog’s owner to verify that the dog in question enjoys being pet. If the dog has a history of biting humans, it’s best not to attempt petting it at all.
  • Teach children about pet safety. Young children will be unable to immediately tell the difference between aggressive dogs and friendly dogs, so you must teach them to always proceed with caution.

The best way to ensure dog safety starts with dog owners! If you own a dog that has a tendency to be aggressive, make sure to make full use of leashes, muzzles, portable dog carriers, and fenced-in areas. Try and keep your dog contained, even on your own property. If a dog seems to be a threat, there are classes and trainers available to help teach your dog to be better behaved. A well-trained dog is far less likely to attack a human being. Even seemingly friendly dogs should be supervised at all times. By remaining vigilant, and treating your dog with care and attention, you can help make sure that no accidents take place.

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