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Emergency rooms are hectic places. Medical staffs in emergency departments work long, grueling hours and treat an incredibly high volume of patients during their shifts. They are often tired, stressed and, in some cases, on the verge of burnout.

However, this is no excuse for substandard care. Doctors, nurses and all other emergency room attendants have the responsibility of monitoring your vital signs, cross-checking possibly harmful drug interactions, and diagnosing you promptly and accurately. Failure to do so could be considered negligence on their behalf; and if negligence can be proven, your case is strong and you deserve financial compensation.

Medical Practice Claims in NYC

If you’ve been forced to visit an emergency room, chances are you’ve suffered from a serious injury. At Tucker Lawyers PC, we understand how harrowing a trip to the emergency room can be. We know that in such dire times, you deserve to receive the utmost in medical care. If you or a loved one was treated negligently, inattentively or in a manner not deemed professional or timely, you can file a claim for medical malpractice.

There are benefits available that can help cover the cost of your medical bills, provide for ongoing care and provide compensation for any other types of damages that you have suffered. It can be difficult for a patient to know immediately following an injury or illness how to determine the potential of their medical malpractice case. The emergency room error attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC will conduct a careful review of your case to confirm what benefits you are entitled to.

Types of Emergency Room Errors

A physician will rarely act with harmful intent, but carelessness can be just as dangerous for a patient. Staying organized and attentive is incredibly important in the high-speed and high-stakes world of emergency rooms. Mistakes can be extremely costly for everyone involved.

Here are some emergency room-related issues that we have handled in the past:

  • Doctors failed to recognize a patient’s allergies and prescribed medication that prompted an adverse reaction.
  • Doctors misdiagnosed a patient or treated a patient for the wrong disorder.
  • Doctors operated on the incorrect body part.
  • Doctors or nurses did not do a thorough check on the patient’s medical history.
  • Doctor prematurely discharged a patient with a serious ailment.

These are just a few examples of medical negligence, but it is important to realize that medical errors can occur in several different ways. Any medical setting plays host to several risk factors to patients, and these risks can be even greater in a fast-paced, frantic environment.

How Emergency Room Errors Happen

If you’ve ever been to an emergency room, you know just how busy these facilities can be. There can be an overflow of patients waiting for treatment, stressed staff scrambling to tend to the needs of injured people and a never-ending stream of emergency responders bringing in accident victims. It’s no surprise that this environment is ripe for mistakes.

Mistakes in emergency rooms can be caused by many factors. Overworked doctors or emergency department staff will be more likely to make a medical error, due to a lack of sleep, increased stress levels and the need to deal with several patients in short order.

Patients may also suffer injuries or illnesses because of exposure to unsanitary equipment or other sick patients. Patients in medical facilities are regularly exposed to bacteria that can lead to a healthcare-associated infection. These infections include Staphylococcus aureus, bloodstream infections and Clostridium difficile infections, to name just a few.

The Impact of Emergency Room Errors on Patients

When medical error leads to injury or illness, it can have terrible consequences for patients. In addition to making a bad situation worse, emergency room errors can create entirely new health problems for patients. Because patients in emergency departments might already be in a weakened state, they can be even more susceptible to infections or injury.

These errors can lead to additional medical treatment, ongoing care, missed time at work, loss of work capacity and an incredible amount of pain and suffering. When someone suffers needlessly because of a healthcare professional’s negligence, they can take legal action to recover the costs they have encountered. Through medical malpractice claims, patients can make sure they are treated fairly and possibly make a facility safer for future patients.

If You Need Help, Contact a NYC Emergency Room Error Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered from negligence in an emergency room, Tucker Lawyers PC might be able to help you recover payment for your damages.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we handle all types of malpractice claims. If you are unsure whether you qualify for medical malpractice benefits, you should contact us today for a free consultation from emergency room error lawyer or car accident lawyers in Islip depending on your case and needs. Remember, if we don’t win your case there is no fee for our legal services.

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