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Cerebral Palsy is a general term for any motor condition characterized by abnormal muscle tone, reflexes, and a lack of coordination and muscle development. It is caused by damage to the muscle-controlling areas of the brain, or by oxygen deprivation to the brain. During childbirth, a baby’s brain is highly susceptible to such injuries. The scary reality of the situation is that Cerebral Palsy is often caused by medical malpractice on behalf of the attending physicians during the labor and delivery process.

If you believe a doctor’s negligence was the root cause of your baby’s Cerebral Palsy, you are likely entitled to compensation to pay for the significant medical expenses and pain and suffering caused by the doctor’s error. The cerebral palsy attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can evaluate and advocate on your behalf to win your claim. While Cerebral Palsy is incurable, there are many great treatment options that can raise the standard of living for a child that suffers from this condition. We can win you the benefits you need to cover your current medical expenses and ensure that your child experiences a lifetime of high-quality care.

What Can Cause Cerebral Palsy?

  • Standard Medical Malpractice: Labor and delivery is a long and complicated process that requires constant vigilance. If your attending physicians fail to routinely check vital signs, or the body position of the baby, they may miss out on taking the necessary, preventative steps in keeping your baby safe.
  • Physical Trauma: Tools such as forceps and vacuum extractors are often used to aid during the final moments of childbirth. If these tools were used too aggressively, the doctor runs the risk of physically harming the baby.
  • Misuse of Medication: Doctors and nurses must regulate all vital levels in both mother and child during labor. Failure to accurately do so can lead to wrongful administrations of medicine which can cause Cerebral Palsy.

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Remember, we represent claims of medical malpractice regardless of origin. If you’ve suffered due to any of the reasons above, or feel like the hospital that treated you was responsible for harming your baby in any way, please contact us for a free consultation. You and your baby deserve to be provided for during your time of need, and at Tucker Lawyers PC we will do everything in our power to enforce your legal rights.

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