Accidents can happen anywhere vehicles are present. We often think about road accidents, but they can also occur in driveways. Many of these accidents can be serious despite not occurring on the open road or at high rates of speed. Sometimes they can be very serious or even fatal. When incidents like this occur, you should reach out to a highly experienced law firm with the insight and know-how to help you get the results you need to cover expenses and suffering due to carelessness or recklessness.

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Driveway Accidents and Tragedies

In many driveway accidents, there is a tragic outcome. These situations usually involve small children playing in areas where vehicles park in driveways. In many cases, the driver is not fully focused on their surroundings and neglects to check for the presence of those children before backing into or out of the driveway. These accidents from pulling out of the driveway or pulling into the driveway usually result in severe injuries or death.

In these cases, we go to work immediately to gather the necessary information and evidence to ensure we can present your case to the courts in an accurate manner. We strive to cover the details from every angle to ensure we clearly understand where liability lies and why. It’s our mission to ensure parents and guardians get the recourse they need and the financial assistance necessary to pay for medical costs and final expenses in addition to compensation for suffering.

There are also instances when individuals drive under the influence. They may be coming to or leaving a residence when the unthinkable happens — they are responsible for a car accident in a driveway area that leads to severe injuries to an adult or child. Impaired drivers aren’t aware of their surroundings and may even fail to realize that an accident has even occurred.

These complex cases require the services of a top New York driveway wreck lawyer. They can collect the necessary evidence to present an accurate picture of the events and the driver’s condition to ensure you get a fair settlement for the case. Our team of experts has handled many cases like these with excellent results. We are highly motivated and dedicated to helping our clients in these difficult situations. We can advise them on what to expect during the process and how to proceed with collecting information and details from various authorities, witnesses, and related organizations such as insurance companies.

What Happens When the Fault Lies in the Location’s Infrastructure?

There are also cases when the fault is in the location’s infrastructure. Sometimes cyclists and pedestrians walk by the home or location and the driver backs out without properly looking in all directions before proceeding. These types of accidents can involve other vehicles as well. In the instances where there are pedestrians and cyclists, the injuries tend to be more severe or fatal without the protection of a vehicle. Although there is a portion of fault with the driver of the vehicle in the car accident in the driveway, the fault may also be related to the area’s infrastructure not allowing a safe area for these individuals to traverse the area, or broken sidewalks and dangerous obstacles that they may need to avoid and which catch drivers unaware while exiting or entering a property.

These cases also involve a high level of experience with the local legal system and the laws and statutes of the state of New York. Tucker Lawyers PC is knowledgeable about state-specific laws and statutes. We can provide you with the expert representation necessary to win your case and get the compensation you deserve in instances where there are one or more at-fault parties in a pulling-out-of-driveway accident.

How Driveway and Backover Accidents Happen

Driveway and backover accidents are often the result of human error, which can come in many forms, including:

Consequences of Driveway Accidents

Small children often suffer serious injuries in driveway accidents, including brain injuriesspinal cord injuries, broken bones, and internal organ damage. Their lives can be changed forever, leaving families to deal with the emotional, physical, and financial consequences of a negligent driver’s actions. The costs of these injuries are staggering, and they can have ripple effects that linger for a lifetime.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a driveway or backover accident in New York, contact Tucker Lawyers PC. We will help you earn compensation for the damages you have suffered. Our vehicle accident attorneys will fight for you and your family to make sure that the negligent driver is held accountable. Call us today for a free consultation from manhattan car accident attorneys.

A Leading New York Accident Law Firm

Tucker Lawyers are the top in their field. They have been representing the residents of the area for many years to help them get the recourse they need in accident cases such as driveway back-out accidents, pull-in accidents, and even accidents where a driver leaves the main road and enters the personal property or driveway of a residence where damage and injuries occur.

It’s important to contact our legal team as soon as an accident occurs so we can start collecting information and evidence to help better represent your case. The faster we can act, the more accurate and complete your lawsuit will be. We know how to work closely with local officials and obtain records and information about the specifics of the case along with details about the driver and any circumstances that may affect the outcome of the case. We are ready to work with you and your family to get results.

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