Drivers who speed through intersections have a greater chance of causing car accidents, especially when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, intersection crashes can also happen in other ways.

A negligent party may cause you to lose your vehicle, incur high health care expenses, suffer severe injuries, break bones, or lose a loved one.

Contact the New York Intersection Accidents Lawyer to seek compensation if you or your loved one has suffered injuries in an intersection collision. Talk to our highly experienced car accident lawyer to get justice. You are entitled to a free consultation regarding financial recovery for your harm, medical costs, lost wages, death, and suffering.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, intersection accidents are a major source of injuries and fatalities in the U.S.  Nearly half of all car crashes occur at intersections.

Understanding the Warning Signs at Intersections

While operating your automobile on the road, you can face many challenges, but the most hazardous areas are intersections. Intersections are where two or more roads meet and motor vehicles cross. Even slight negligence here can have very dangerous results.

To ensure your safety, there are a few things to be considered while reaching the intersection:

  • Is there no traffic on either street? Before proceeding through the crossing, double-check both directions.
  • The light is green. In that case, cross the junction. If not, be ready to halt.
  • Can you see beyond the corners of buildings? To plan your turn and make sure no cars are approaching, it’s crucial to have a clear vision.
  • Does a stop sign or traffic signal exist? Follow it if so.

Intersection Hazards

You’re well aware of how a motor vehicle accident can be terrible and life-altering for those involved in it. Unfortunately, car accidents are a major source of injury and fatalities in the United States, and accidents frequently occur at intersections.

When two vehicles hit each other at an intersection, the results are disastrous. Thousands of people suffer injuries due to intersection accidents every year.

Understanding your rights and how to compensate for your loss if you have been hurt in a car accident is crucial.

National Statistics for Intersection Accidents

You can face the harm of an intersection crash within the blink of an eye. For instance, when the traffic signal light turns yellow, many people continue through the intersection.

Sometimes drivers accelerate in order to cross the intersection before the traffic light turns red. At the same time, another approaching, distracted driver also wants to make it past the yellow light. At that moment, the drivers and their passengers face the consequences of a car accident.

According to national estimates, accidents near intersections cause about 26% of serious injuries. When you break this figure down by crash type, intersections account for 60% of T-bone incidents and 45% of rear-end collisions.

Hardly Anyone Is Protected From an Intersection Accident

Intersection collisions are among the most frequent and deadly collisions on our roads.

This type of accident may occur between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle or between two or more vehicles. In most cases, violations of traffic laws, distracted driving, or drunk driving cause these accidents.

These catastrophic vehicle crashes cause severe injuries or even fatalities. Therefore, knowing your alternatives for receiving full compensation through an attorney-client relationship is important.

Rear-end Collisions: The most frequently seen intersection crash occurs when a driver misses their opportunity to stop and collides with the back of another car. This type of collision causes severe injuries to the mouth and face and can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians being struck at intersections, drivers not getting a chance to stop completely, being confused about who has the right of way, and not following red lights or stop signs can also cause personal injury.

T-Bone Collision: T-bone collisions most frequently occur when one driver disregards another’s right-of-way. The motorist who fails to stop ends up “t-boning” the other car, colliding with its side. T-bone collisions frequently happen at intersections when a stop light or sign regulates traffic.

Pile-up/Multiple Vehicle Accident:This type of collision usually occurs when vehicles trying to make a left turn collide with oncoming traffic. Generally, these accidents occur on high-speed and high-capacity roads like freeways. These are one of the most dangerous types of traffic accidents.

Injured parties have the right to full compensation from the distracted or negligent party. Our law office assists with these losses through the legal system, gets police documents, and analyzes medical data to build a case for monetary compensation.

Drivers who Cause Accidents

Drivers must know the various types of motorists that may cause a road accident. Being aware of these various vehicle operators and levels of damage allows one to take precautions to ensure their safety when travelling through intersections, roundabouts, or highway junctions.

Every driver should understand the risks they face on the road and must avoid them when possible. Some drivers who cause intersection accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers who don’t pay attention to road and others using it. They may be busy on their phones, looking for their stuff in the vehicle, or talking to passengers.
  • Reckless drivers drive too fast, violate traffic signals, and make dangerous moves. They may be unlicensed or fleeing the police.
  • Impaired Drivers operate their motor vehicles while under the influence of a substance such as alcohol.
  • Rude or aggressive drivers cut off other drivers on the road, beep their horns excessively, or behave inappropriately while operating a vehicle.
  • Confused drivers, recently relocated people, visitors, tourists, delivery drivers, drivers searching for an address, and others unsure of signage may all be at fault for an accident.
  • Left-turning motorists mostly have accidents when they fail to look for oncoming traffic.
  • Driver errors include ignoring traffic signals, driving while on the phone or distracted, or driving while drunk.
  • Road conditions also play a major role in accidents. Potholes, crumbling road shoulders and work zones present hazards that may cause a driver to lose control.
  • Weather conditions and mechanical problems with vehicles at highway intersections and crossroads can also cause accidents.

Most Common Injuries in Intersection Accidents

It doesn’t matter if you were proceeding on the highway or waiting for a red light to turn — accidents at intersections may cause severe injuries and loss of property damage.

Most frequently, we see collisions between two vehicles, but pile-ups/multiple vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians can also be involved in accidents. The following are some kinds of injuries that you can face in a crossroads accident:

  • Neck and head injuries are most common in accidents. Whiplash can be extremely serious and cause long-term impairment.
  • Due to the intensity of a crash, breaking bones is also common in accidents. The broken bones cause severe pain and often require surgery to heal, and the healing process may take a month or more.
  • Blunt force trauma can cause internal organ injuries that may be fatal if not treated properly and immediately.


What are the most common types of accidents at intersections?

The most frequently occurring involve rear-ending collisions, T-bone crashes, head-on accidents, and pedestrian or cyclist accidents with other big vehicles.

How can I demonstrate that the other motorist was at fault for the collision?

An attorney can help establish the other driver’s liability by investigating the collision. Camera footage or videos, evidence from witnesses, an analysis of the police report and your medical record, and other relevant evidence may be gathered to support your claim.

Is the car making a turn always at fault in an accident while making a left turn?

Legally, the driver making a left turn must wait until the maneuver is completely safe before making it. The driver who made the left turn is usually at fault if an accident occurs.

What to Do Immediately After an Intersection Accident

After an accident, you may be unaware of what to do and what not to do or where to get help. Keep in mind the following things if you find yourself stuck in this situation:

  • The first and foremost task is to seek medical help for your severe injuries. Even if you don’t feel that you need medical attention, it’s important to have your whole body examined by a doctor.
  • Second, contact intersection accident attorneys and get a free consultation. An intersection accident lawyer in NYC may assist you in filing a valid claim against the at-fault driver and can get you the financial compensation that you deserve in the case of severe injuries.
  • Third, discuss all the information with your lawyer and document everything. Keep all your medical records and take pictures of the damaged part of your vehicle.

How We Can Help You

If you are injured in an intersection accident, you might wonder about legal recourse. Depending on all the evidence, you may be eligible for full compensation from the negligent driver.

However, it is crucial to contact a lawyer immediately to ensure that you are on the right track and have a valid claim. So, contact an intersection accident lawyer who may help you with the following steps:

While Filing a Claim

We provide a free consultation if you’re involved in an intersection accident. Due to our years of experience in the field, We know how to help you obtain justice for your damage and injuries.

An intersection accident lawyer may assist you in filing a legal claim against the at-fault motorist and help you receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

What Factors We Consider

If you were injured in an intersection accident, you may be able to obtain compensation through the legal system. However, the legal procedure is complex. When you consult our intersection lawyer in NYC, we will answer all of your questions about factors which might impact your settlement, such as:

  • How severe are your injuries?
  • Who was at fault in the accident?
  • What types of compensation do you seek?
  • How have the injuries affected the lives of your family?

Why Choose a New York Intersection Accident Lawyer

Our New York intersection accident attorneys are experienced and highly professional personal injury lawyers who will help you obtain financial compensation for your property loss, medical expenses, lost wages due to disability, pain and suffering, and loss of future earnings.

Call our law firm at (516) 399-2364 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation with an experienced intersection accident lawyer in NYC to file a legal claim and recover compensation.

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