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How Our Car Accident Lawyer in Uniondale Can Help You

Car accidents have been a common occurrence since the inception of the automobile. And no amount of safety measures or education has been capable of ending them. So it is not unreasonable to expect to end up in a car crash one day. When one occurs in Uniondale, NY, you can rely on the Uniondale car accident lawyers at TuckerLawyers to get you the justice you deserve.

Are you in need of an experienced car accident lawyer in Uniondale? Call Tucker Lawyers to meet with one of our experienced car accident lawyers and learn what our team can potentially do to help.

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At Tucker Lawyers, We Don’t Settle for Less Than You Deserve

Our Uniondale Car Accident Lawyers Never Stop Fighting

When you become a client of Tucker Lawyers, we immediately set out to accomplish all of the important tasks necessary for a successful lawsuit or claim for compensation, including:

  • Handling all paperwork and legal documents
  • Giving an accurate evaluation of your claim’s value
  • Complying with procedural rules and deadlines
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence of the accident
  • Collecting witness statements for evidence
  • Aggressively negotiating with insurance company adjusters and representatives.

It is important to never forget that the insurance company adjuster is not your friend or ally. Their job is to pay you as little as possible so as to preserve insurance company profits. 

For this reason, you need the services of an experienced Uniondale car accident attorney representing you. The team at Tucker Lawyers has decades of successful experience recovering substantial sums for our clients.

Car accident victims who spend their time focusing on getting better recover the quickest. Those victims who take on the added stress of filing for compensation alone can face significant setbacks in their recovery. If someone has harmed you in a car accident, let our car accident attorneys in Uniondale take a look at your case for free to see how we can help. Call (516) 399-2364 for an appointment today!

Car accident victims need time to deal with their injuries and losses and should not have to worry about fighting for compensation. Let our Uniondale car accident lawyer turn the odds in your favor of recovering a substantial settlement. Call today at (516) 399-2364 for a free consultation regarding your car accident.

Common Damages in Uniondale Car Accident Cases

A Successful Car Accident Claim Can Yield Significant Compensation

The term “damages” refers to the compensation you can claim after an injury or property damage. There are two principle types — economic and noneconomic.

Economic Damages

When trying to understand economic damages, it helps to remember that they cover most, if not all, of those things that have a negative effect on your pocketbook, such as:

  • Costs associated with vehicle and property replacement and repair
  • Costs related to medical treatment — past, present, and future
  • Lost income due to an inability to engage in gainful employment
  • Loss of future earning potential.

Proving that you have suffered financial loss is not difficult. You simply need receipts, account balances, and old pay stubs.

Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages, on the other hand, are related to the intangibles in one’s life, such as emotions, and include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of ability to enjoy life.

Loss of consortium may also be available if the victim of the car accident dies. 

After getting hurt and experiencing losses, you deserve to explore your right to compensation. Call Tucker Lawyers at (516) 399-2364 today and set up a meeting with an experienced car accident lawyer in Uniondale.

FAQs about Uniondale Car Accidents

Looking for the answers to certain questions? Read the Q&A below and give us a call if you need further clarification. We are happy to help.

  • What are some of the most common types of automobile accidents in Uniondale?

    The most common types of car accidents you are likely to see in Uniondale include:

    • T-bone accidents
    • Accidents involving sideswipes
    • Head-on crashes
    • Rear-end accidents
    • Rollover accidents

    Whatever kind of accident you are in, our team can handle your compensation needs.

  • Are there upfront fees to hire a car accident attorney in Uniondale?

    No. You pay us nothing up front to handle your case. When the case is finally resolved, we take our fee from the compensation you receive. If you get nothing, we don’t get anything either.

  • How common are car crashes in Uniondale?

    Uniondale is the fifth most populous county in New York State, so you can expect it to have its fair share of crashes.

  • What are some examples of the causes of accidents?

    Car accidents have various causes, including:

    • Distracted driving, including driving while texting
    • Failure to yield to oncoming traffic or pedestrians
    • Backing up without a clear line of sight
    • Excessive speeding
    • Drinking and driving or driving while on drugs
    • Driving while tired.

    Failure to follow the rules of the road is another common cause of car crashes in Uniondale.

Still have questions? Give us a call to discuss car accidents and compensation with an experienced Uniondale, NY, car accident attorney.

Why Choose A Uniondale Car Accident Attorney from Tucker Lawyers

When a car accident has derailed your life, reach out to a car accident lawyer in Uniondale, NY, from our team. We care deeply and are dedicated to our clients’ right to compensation. Don’t hesitate, or you may lose out on valuable compensation. Call today.

Remember: We don’t get paid unless you do, too.

We keep fighting until the end!

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