A large part of a construction worker’s job involves scaling ladders, scaffolding and infrastructure. Construction workers in New York are no strangers to working from high places, and they know all too well that when a worker falls from great heights, the result can be devastating, potentially fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a fall on a construction site, you might be entitled to benefits that can help relieve the costs of medical treatments and reimburse you for your lost wages. You might also recover damages from the party that caused your injuries.

If your fall was the result of unsafe working conditions, or due to a lack of proper safety equipment or training, you are likely entitled to compensation. The fall from height attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC will identify who was responsible for your injuries, hold them accountable and make sure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Falls – A Leading Cause of Construction Worker Injury

Falls are the leading cause of construction worker deaths, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In 2015, 350 construction workers lost their lives because of a fall to a lower level. Typically, workers fall from heights when they work on roofs, ladders or scaffolding. The impact of a fall can lead to several debilitating injuries and even death.

Fall-related injuries are also preventable. It is up to employers and supervisors to maintain the safety of a construction site and the equipment used on that site. They are also responsible for training workers and providing them with adequate protective gear to reduce the likelihood of a fall. If a construction company fails to live up to that duty, they should be held responsible for the injuries suffered by a construction worker.

Construction Worker Falls in New York

Falls on construction sites are an extremely serious problem in New York. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health released a report in 2017 stating that there were safety violations at around 90 percent of construction fatality sites. The findings highlighted the disproportionate rate of injuries among immigrant workers. Latinos accounted for 57 percent of fall fatalities in New York State.

Nationally, falls account for around 36 percent of construction worker fatalities. In New York City, falls contribute to nearly 60 percent of construction worker deaths. These statistics demonstrate a disturbing trend among construction companies to fail workers when it comes to on-the-job safety.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we’ve handled essentially every type of construction site injury. We can help you claim the compensation you or a loved one is entitled to if you’ve suffered from any of the following injuries:

  • Wrist injury
  • Elbow injury
  • Hand injury
  • Hip injury
  • Torn ligaments
  • Burn
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of hearing.

A fall from heights could lead to a combination of several injuries listed above. In addition to the injury and the pain that comes with it, an injured worker must also face other consequences, such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost time at work, loss of income and in many cases, a diminished quality of life.

Workers Deserve Compensation for Workplace Injuries

When a worker is injured on the job, they are often guaranteed benefits for lost wages and medical bills through workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides “no-fault” benefits, meaning that a worker will receive payment regardless of who was responsible for the injury. Sadly, many workers in construction aren’t provided these benefits, because they are classified wrongly as independent contractors, even though their job is essentially the same as an employee.

If someone is injured while working, they have the right to pursue compensation. If they are denied benefits or if they are told they aren’t entitled to benefits because of how they are classified by employers, workers can still file claims to get the payment they deserve. Our New York City fall from heights injury attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC have years of experience representing injured workers and standing up for their rights.

Contact Our New York City Fall From Height Injury Lawyers

We can represent you no matter what type of injury your fall has caused. Our team of dedicated and compassionate attorneys sympathize with the problems facing New York construction workers. We understand the emotional stress and financial hardship that follows a fall from heights. During your time away from work, it’s important that you focus on recovery.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we can handle the legal portion of your struggle and fight for the benefits that will keep you financially stable in your time of need. If you’ve been injured in a fall, contact our personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn today. Our consultations are free, and there is no fee unless we win your case.

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