Fractured wrists and ankles are some of the most painful and inhibiting of all broken bones. They severely limit the function of our hands and feet, making the performance of daily tasks difficult. Additionally, it is very challenging to refrain from using our hands and feet after sustaining these injuries, making the road to recovery a long and complicated one.

We want to focus on two types of wrist and ankle injuries that are notoriously challenging — trimalleolar (ankle) and colles wrist fractures. If you have been injured in an accident causing one of these fractures, the car accident attorneys in queens can help you seek compensation for the damages you are facing.

Trimalleolar Fractures

The ankle is made up of the medial malleolus, posterior malleolus and lateral malleolus. A trimalleolar fracture occurs when all three areas of the ankle are broken at the same time. As you can imagine, these injuries are incredibly painful and require extensive treatment. Symptoms include intense pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness and deformity, especially if the ankle is dislocated.

Trimalleolar fractures can occur in many different types of accidents, though they are commonly seen in slip and fall accidents and vehicle accidents. In fact, it can be a trimalleolar fracture that leads to a fall in the first place. These breaks may happen from rolling, twisting, and rotating an ankle while walking, running or playing sports, for example. The blunt force impact of a vehicle collision can also cause trimalleolar fractures.

Colles Wrist Fractures

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Colles wrist fractures occur when there is a break at the end of the radius bone closest to the wrist. It is one of the most painful of all fractures. These breaks can make gripping, holding and carrying objects virtually impossible. Other symptoms include swelling and bruising of the area surrounding the fracture.

One of the most common causes of colles wrist fractures is holding out a hand to brace for impact when falling. They are even more likely to occur in those with osteoporosis, weak bones or low muscle mass. Colles wrist injuries often require surgery and can take up to a year to heal. In some cases, sufferers are left with carpal tunnel syndrome, inhibiting many key daily functions and work capacity. Like trimalleolar fractures, these injuries can also occur in serious vehicle accidents.

The costs for both of these injuries are great. The initial diagnosis and treatment may include intensive surgery, casts and physical therapy. Serious ankle and wrist injuries also limit a person’s ability to perform job responsibilities, which can have a big impact on work capacity and the ability to earn income.

Broken Wrists and Ankles After Falling

When a slip-and-fall accident causes these fractures, it is often the condition of the property that leads to the accident. This can include slippery surfaces, broken flooring, loose flooring, broken steps or broken handrails. Wrist and ankle injuries may also occur on the job in industries like construction. If a dangerous surface or hazardous workplace caused a major wrist or ankle injury, the person in charge of the property can be held financially responsible for the injuries suffered by the victim.

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