An NYC motorcycle accident lawyer can help you after another motorist crashes into you. You may suffer damages following your motorcycle accident, including physical, emotional, and property damages. Learn how personal injury lawyers well-versed in motorcycle accidents can help.

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It is reasonable to expect to ride your motorcycle in the Bronx without getting into an accident. However, a negligent motorist can strike your motorcycle at any time. If this happens, you can hire a Bronx motorcycle accidents lawyer who can help you hold the motorist accountable for their negligence.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we offer legal help to motorcycle accident victims. For more information or to request a free motorcycle accident case evaluation, please call us today at (516) 399-2364. Our Bronx motorcycle accidents attorney can take a look at your case and help you decide whether to move forward with a lawsuit.

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We have a legal team in place that does not settle for subpar case results. Our team dedicates the time, resources, and energy required to learn about your case. From here, we develop a legal strategy designed to help you secure a significant amount of compensation.

In addition, we have plenty of experience with motorcycle accident claims. We can connect you with a motorcycle accidents lawyer in the Bronx who has received many positive client reviews. Our attorney can serve as your legal representation and put you in the best position to win or settle your case in as little time as possible. 

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Our motorcycle accidents attorneys in the Bronx are active members of our community. We get information about your case, then start preparing your argument. Along the way, we respond to any legal concerns and questions you have.

As your case moves forward, our attorney is with you at every stage. We advocate for you and ensure you can present a compelling argument. If we succeed, you will get fair compensation from anyone responsible for your motorcycle accident.  

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycles account for 3% of all registered vehicles in the United States, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Many motorcycle riders prioritize safety. Nevertheless, motorcycle accidents can happen in the Bronx or elsewhere for many reasons, such as:


A driver may travel faster than the posted speed limit. In doing so, they may be unable to stop their vehicle in enough time to stop a motorcycle accident. Following the accident, the rider can sue the driver for damages.

Intoxicated Driving

It is illegal to drive while intoxicated. Yet, drunk driving is a big problem that affects motorists, pedestrians, and motorcycle riders nationwide. If a drunk driver hits someone who is riding on a motorcycle, the driver can be held responsible.

Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs

Like intoxicated driving, operating a vehicle while using drugs is dangerous. A driver may struggle to stay focused if they have taken drugs before getting behind the wheel. This increases the driver’s risk of getting into an accident with a motorcycle rider or others.

Left Turns

It can be challenging for a driver to see a motorcycle rider during a left turn. If a driver strikes a rider while turning left, the driver may be accountable. At this point, the rider can file a personal injury claim.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Bronx roads can be difficult to navigate, particularly if they are filled with potholes and bumps. If a driver does not account for poor road conditions, they can get into an accident with a motorcycle rider. The driver can be sued following the incident as well.

Drivers and motorcycle riders must work together to share the road. If a driver is negligent and causes a motorcycle accident in which the rider gets hurt, they can face financial consequences. By hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer, the rider involved in this incident can seek justice against a negligent motorist.

How Negligence Is Determined in a Motorcycle Accident Case

In terms of determining negligence in your motorcycle accident case, there are four elements that you need to consider:

  • Duty of Care: You must show that the party responsible for the accident had a duty of care to you.
  • Breach: Along with having a duty of care to you, the at-fault party breached this
  • Causation: The negligent party is responsible for your accident, and they caused you to get hurt.
  • Damages: The accident resulted in economic damages, non-economic damages, or both.

Your lawyer can help you figure out who is responsible for your motorcycle accident. As soon as they do, they can file your lawsuit. Your attorney will also make sure you seek the maximum amount of damages.

How Damages and Compensation Work in a Motorcycle Accident Case

If you get hurt in a Bronx motorcycle accident, you have up to three years from the date of the incident to pursue compensation. This is based on the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in New York. If you do not file a request for compensation within this window, you cannot seek damages down the line.

You can request any amount of compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Motorcycle accident victims often ask for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. They may seek damages for several reasons, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Damage to their motorcycle
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering.

Your lawyer will work with you to calculate a suitable amount of damages. They will then file your lawsuit and build a case designed to help you secure this amount. Your attorney can open negotiations with the defendant in the hopes of settling your motorcycle accident case without having to go to trial.

What to Expect During Negotiations in a Motorcycle Accident Case

You can hire a motorcycle accident attorney that has helped clients get outstanding case results. Even though your lawyer can handle the trial process, they will encourage you to maintain an open mind with settlement negotiations. If you receive a settlement proposal that lines up with your expectations, you can get money from the defendant right away.

The defendant can propose a motorcycle accident settlement at any point during your litigation. When you get a settlement offer, it is beneficial to review it with your attorney. Then, you and your lawyer can go over the offer, discuss its pros and cons, and decide how to proceed with it.

You are not obligated to approve a settlement proposal. If you are uncomfortable with a settlement and believe you can get more money if you go to trial, then you should not hesitate to decline the offer. Next, you and your attorney can stay focused on what is most important: making a compelling argument to a judge or jury.

How a Motorcycle Accident Case Gets Settled During a Trial

In a motorcycle accident trial, you and the defendant in your case get the opportunity to share your respective arguments. Your lawyer speaks on your behalf and disputes any claims from the defendant’s attorney. Meanwhile, the defendant’s lawyer explains their belief that you should not be awarded any damages.

A judge or jury gives every motorcycle accident case the attention it deserves. They review evidence from all parties and consider the facts of the case. Finally, they render a decision, and you will find out if you will be awarded damages.

New York is considered a pure comparative negligence state, which means you can still be awarded some damages even if you were partly at fault for your motorcycle accident. For example, a judge or jury may find you were 20% responsible for your motorcycle accident. In this situation, you will be awarded 80% of the damages you originally requested.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs

You may have lots of questions about the legal elements of motorcycle accident claims. Tucker Lawyers PC has received many questions about motorcycle accident lawsuits and how they work. Here are answers to some of the most common motorcycle accident questions we have gotten.

  • What should I do if I am involved in a motorcycle accident?

    If you are riding your motorcycle and get into an accident, take care of yourself and anyone else involved in the incident. Call 911 to report the accident, get medical help, and take photos and videos of the accident scene. Also, do not accept responsibility for the accident; get in touch with a lawyer to go over your legal options.

  • What does “comparative negligence” mean in a motorcycle accident?

    Under the concept of comparative negligence, you can be found to be partially responsible for your motorcycle accident. If a judge or jury finds you partly to blame for your accident, they will reduce the damages awarded to you by your percentage of fault.

  • How much does it cost to hire a motorcycle accidents lawyer?

    The amount you spend on a motorcycle accident attorney depends on the lawyer’s experience and other factors. Many motorcycle accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. These attorneys do not get paid unless you win or settle your motorcycle accident case.

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    The Statistics on Motorcycle Safety

    By taking a look at just a few of the facts and figures on crashes involving motorcycles, we can gain a clearer picture of how these crashes happen and just how common they are.

    • 4,760 Crashes

      In New York, there were 4,760 motorcycle crashes, 135 motorcyclist fatalities and 4,633 injuries in motorcycle-involved crashes in 2014.
    • 3 Causes

      The three leading causes of these motorcycle crashes were unsafe speeds, failure to yield to right of way and driver distraction.
    • 4 Times

      Motorcyclists on “super sport” bikes have death rates four times higher than those on other types of motorcycles.
    • Over 1/2

      In the United States, over half of all motorcycle fatalities are adults over the age of 40, while motorcyclists over the age of 60 are two and a half times more likely to have serious injuries compared to younger motorcyclists.
    • 29%

      In 2014, 29 percent of motorcyclists in fatal vehicle crashes were over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration.
    • 33%

      That same year, 33 percent of motorcyclists in fatal vehicle crashes were speeding at the time of the crash.