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Teens Fall Through Frozen Ice

In a terrifying tale that turned out well, seven teens plunged through the frozen ice of a Central Park pond last Tuesday, but were saved thanks to the quick-thinking of some Good Samaritans.

High-Speed LIE Race Ends in Tragedy

Three were killed and eleven more were injured as a result of a street race which took place on the Long Island Expressway last month. In this article, we’ll take a look at tips you can use to drive both safely and slowly, so as to help avoid suffering a similar fate.

Jet Ski Accident in Brosewere Bay

A grandfather and grandson were injured in a jet ski accident on Long Island on Friday. In this article, we discuss what you can do to keep yourself safe when piloting a jet ski.

Staircase Safety

Every day, we climb up and down more sets of stairs than we may realize. Most staircases we traverse are safe, sturdy, well-lighted and well-maintained. However, a faulty staircase could lead to catastrophic personal injury.

What to Do When You Get Food Poisoning

In circumstances of food contamination, the more information available, the better your chances of a favorable outcome will be. As is the case for most legal matters, gathering data and supporting evidence is crucial for securing a win in a court of law. Click here to read about steps you can take if you’ve fallen victim to injurious food poisoning.

Focusing on Subway Safety

Earlier this month, 15-year-old Xinyi Huang was pushed from a subway platform in front of an oncoming train. Thinking quickly, she rolled herself out of the way, saving her life. It’s important to always stay alert in order to stay safe on NYC subway platforms. Here, you can learn more about what you can do to stay safe.