High-Speed LIE Race Ends in Tragedy

High-Speed Race Ends Fatally

The world of high-speed racing: it’s been glamorized in movies and on TV, but the devastating aftereffects of a high speed race are far less frequently chronicled in the media. However, a recent news story details just exactly what happens when high-speed racing goes wrong.

The incident occurred in late August, and the details are grisly. 11 were injured and 3 were killed in a catastrophic chain-reaction crash on the LIE; likely the end result of a street race gone awry. On Wednesday August 30th, at around 4:00am, a black Infiniti sedan hit a divider and was decimated. The driver, 25-year-old Michael Fabre, was driving over the speed limit when he lost control, near the Maurice Avenue exit of the expressway. Mr. Fabre, and two of his passengers, were ejected from the vehicle and, tragically, declared dead at the scene.

In the direct aftermath of this original crash, a 2012 Acura struck the mangled debris. So too did an approaching dump truck, unable to apply its brakes quickly enough, leading to a significant truck accident injury. When all was said and done, over five vehicles had amassed into a pile-up of strewn wreckage and wayward cars. Injuries were incurred in these secondary impacts, but no more fatalities resulted.

The original speculation is that the Infiniti and the Acura were in the midst of an illegal, high-speed street race.

This story serves as an all-too-real reminder of the high stakes involved when driving at high speeds. Michael Fabre’s life was cut woefully short. What may have seemed like a high-octane lark ended in the death of three young people.

There is no adequate redress for what happened here, but below, we’ll take a look at some driving tips that, if heeded, will help improve road safety for all motorists moving forward.


How to Drive Slowly but Safely

  • Leave with Plenty of Time to Spare: Oftentimes, when we’re late, or under pressure to arrive by a certain deadline, we drive at perilously high speeds in order to make up time. One easy way to avoid doing this? Leave early! Does your GPS device or app prognosticate the trip will take a half an hour? Leave forty-five minutes early. Accidents happen unpredictably, road work and other traffic-causing events aren’t always factored into these devices’ estimates, and inclement weather can spring up out of nowhere. All of these factors will pile minutes onto your commute and could send you scrambling, and speeding, to make up for lost time. Play it safe and depart early. Better arrive early than late!
  • Factor in the Weather: Most people do not seem to realize that the speed limit is a general recommendation, to be used in general conditions. However, in the sleet, rain and snow it is extremely important that you reduce your speed. Stopping in such conditions is dramatically more difficult, and driving slowly will allow you to maintain complete control of your vehicle. Additionally, you should leave ample room in between yourself and the vehicle in front of you to prevent rear-end collisions. Likewise, realize that traffic conditions should dictate your general pace. If traffic is moving more slowly than the speed limit, you should adjust accordingly.
  • Exercise Patience: Switching lanes may seem like a routine task, but every time you change lanes you risk getting swiped by a car that may be inhabiting your blind spot. Couple this with recklessly fast driving speeds, and you can see how engaging in lane over-switching can become risky business. Opportunists may feel like other lanes will provide quicker routes to their destinations, but the reality of the situation is that frantically switching lanes stands to shave mere seconds or minutes off of your total commute, at most. Stay patient, commit yourself to one or two lanes, and pilot your vehicle with moderation. Try and maintain an easy, even speed throughout the duration of your trip!
  • Let the Speeders Speed: You should always afford other vehicles plenty of space to pass, change lanes, and brake. When you see a reckless driver hurtling down the highway, take comfort in the fact that he may arrive at his destination sooner, but you’re exponentially increasing the safety levels of yourself and your passengers by driving at prudent speeds. If you do encounter a reckless driver, or see one approaching in your rear-view mirror, simply check your mirrors, pull over to an inner lane, and let them pass.


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