Most dangerous roads in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Deadliest Roads Revealed

Driving through Brooklyn is rarely an enjoyable experience. In the last few decades, the number of people trying to navigate the city has become difficult for many to manage. It also has led to a growing number of high-risk accidents in the area. As you plan your next trip into the city, you may be wondering which are the most dangerous roads in Brooklyn. For many of our clients, these are the roads where accidents happen, lives change, and many, many people have lost their lives due to the mistakes of others.

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Which Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Brooklyn?

Some of the most dangerous roads in Brooklyn have specific intersections where there tends to be a significant amount of traffic, long lines of people trying to navigate the area, and areas where there are commercial establishments. The following are the intersections in Brooklyn where the most accidents take place:

  • Newkirk Avenue at Argyle Road
  • South 4th Street and Havemeyer Street
  • Newkirk Avenue at Rugby Road
  • Lawrence Street at Willoughby Street
  • Smith Street at Wycoff Street

Some of the streets that see the highest number of accidents in the area in general include:

  • Atlantic Avenue
  • Brighton Beach
  • Kings Highway
  • Neptune Avenue

Keep in mind that this is just Brooklyn. Many people are traveling through the borough as they navigate into Manhattan, the Bronx, or Queens. The risk of injury in an accident across any of these locations is high, especially if you are traveling any significant distance.

What Types of Accidents Are Common?

In Brooklyn, numerous accidents occur as a result of rear-ending. Sometimes these are simple fender-benders due to slow-moving traffic or congestion along the various streets. However, at other times they can involve much more serious incidents. T-bone accidents, especially those occurring at some of the larger intersections in the city where people are unsure of when or how to turn, are also damaging.

It is also important to note that many of the motorist vehicles in Brooklyn involve not only other cars and trucks but also pedestrians and those on a bike. Because of the many people that walk in Brooklyn or take the bus and subway, there is a high risk of accidents injuring bike riders and pedestrian accidents. These can be some of the most dangerous.

Also note that some of the accidents involve taxis, Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies. Some involve motorcycles, and many involve buses.

Why Do So Many Accidents Occur in Brooklyn?

It is hard to pinpoint a specific reason for accidents that relates to all situations, but there are some very clear reasons why accidents happen here.

  • There is a lot of traffic on a constant basis. This is a big city, and with it comes heavy traffic, even though many people do not drive their own vehicles.
  • Increased truck presence has also increased the number of accidents on many of these roadways. As people continue to require delivery of products at their doorstep, this will continue to complicate roadways as well.
  • Distracted drivers, impatient drivers, and tight schedules are often reasons why accidents occur on the streets of Brooklyn. Everyone is engaged in their own tasks and needs, but that does not create an excuse for accidents to occur.

No matter what happened, if you have been in a car accident in Brooklyn, our attorneys want to help you. Let us help you find out why this happened and who may be responsible for the losses you have incurred.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

As car accident attorneys in Brooklyn, the team at Tucker Lawyers PC has seen it all. We know how tough the roads are and how much risk it is just to head to the store, pick up dinner, or go to work. It is always our goal to ensure our clients receive the best level of care and attention to their needs in these situations. When you hire our team, we will help you:

  • Determine who is at fault in an accident, including helping you to go after the Amazon truck that hit you or the driver that sped off
  • Help you determine what your losses are, including property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering
  • Help you determine additional layers of fault, such as whether Uber or Lyft is responsible for your rideshare accident or if the city’s poorly maintained roads caused your losses
  • Create a legal strategy that helps to show evidence of your losses and the compensation that is owed to you
  • File a claim with the appropriate insurance companies and, when necessary, seek out compensation from them that is fair. We will take them to court if they will not settle your claim fairly.

Do not go up against the big lawyers and insurance companies in New York City without having your own attorney working to protect your rights. Our trusted team of car accident attorneys in the Brooklyn area can help you to navigate accidents.

Get Help from Our Team Now

Were you injured on one of the most dangerous roads in Brooklyn? Even if not, we want to hear from you. Set up a free consultation to speak to our team and receive a case evaluation. There is no obligation to work with us, but we can help give you insight into your legal rights and options. We are aggressive defenders of our clients and their rights.

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