Nearly all workers employed in New York State are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in the event they are involved in an accident at work or if they have become sick or injured due to the nature of their work or their workplace conditions.

If you or a loved one is suffering from injuries sustained while in the course of your employment, or because of the nature of the job itself, a valuable first step towards claiming compensation benefits is the retention of a workers’ compensation lawyer. Not only can experienced attorneys help you file your claim, they can act as your advocate in court and through any necessary appeal processes.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we understand how painful an injury is on its own, and are here to help manage the high costs associated with hospital stays, doctor visits, therapy and time off work. With the help of our experienced and compassionate team of workers’ compensation attorneys, you can realize the full scope of your rights, and recover all the benefits that you’re owed.

Different Types of Benefits

There are many different types of workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on your case, we can tailor our approach to get you the comprehensive aid you deserve. Here are some of the benefits you can be expected to obtain:

  • Lost Wages: A large part of workers’ compensation benefits includes paying a worker the wages they would’ve been paid had they not been injured. You are eligible for partial wage pay after seven days. If the injury keeps you out of work for 14 days or more, you’re retroactively eligible to receive wages for the original seven days.
  • Disability Benefits: Disability benefits can provide two-thirds of your former income as you recover from your injury. If an injury is permanent or temporary, you’ll be able to earn a large portion of your previous wages.
  • Medical Coverage: You’re entitled to all appropriate medical tests, procedures, and ongoing care. The costs of this treatment, including all co-pays, are covered under workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Death Benefits: If a loved one is killed on the job, their next of kin may be entitled to receive death benefits. These benefits can cover funeral expenses and may even provide for lost wages.

After an accident, the most important thing is to receive medical treatment and get back to health. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney can save you the additional stress of having to worry about the costs involved during that difficult recuperation period.

Additional Benefits

There are other benefits available in certain cases. While applying for workers’ compensation benefits relieves your employer of legal liability, if a third-party can be found negligible and contributory to your injuries, a personal injury lawsuit could be filed for. Oftentimes there is more than just physical damage after a workplace accident has occurred. Pain, suffering, and emotional distress are all very real side effects, and in some cases, warrant compensation.

Social security benefits are also an option. These can be filed for alongside workers’ compensation benefits and may expand the yield of your coverage. Knowing which benefits are right for you is not always an easy thing to determine; at Tucker Lawyers PC, we can guide you through the process.

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The consultation is free, and there is no fee if your case is not won. Having an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can assure that you receive all of the benefits allowed under the law, so if you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury, contact Tucker Lawyers PC.

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