What Are Section 32 Settlements?

Section 32 agreements are a very specific subsection of workers’ compensation law. Essentially, they are a mutually agreed upon contract between injured laborer and employer guaranteeing a one-time, generally tax free, lump sum settlement in exchange for the worker’s agreement to resolve some or all aspects of their case.

For injured workers with no outstanding liens or legal judgments, Section 32 settlements are often the best way to maximize the potential of their claim. If a laborer and employer can reach a settlement, they can also bypass additional litigation and debate. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC understand the benefits as well as the pitfalls involved with Section 32 Settlements and can counsel you on the best decision for you.

There are, of course, dangers in accepting a Section 32 settlement. An inexperienced attorney or an unrepresented claimant may not know if they are being offered a fair deal, or if there are other ways to go about enhancing the value of one’s benefits package. At Tucker Lawyers PC, our team has handled countless workers’ compensation cases. If you are thinking about reaching a Section 32 settlement, we can help evaluate your situation, and advise you whether or not pursuing a Section 32 is the best option available to you. When formulating the terms of an agreement, there are many variables at play.

Here are some of the many things our experienced team of attorneys know are taken into consideration:

  • Claimant’s age
  • Claimant’s occupation
  • Claimant’s occupational history
  • Claimant’s medical history
  • The injury or illness in question
  • Claimant’s ability to work
  • Claimant’s need for future medical care
  • Claimant’s prior (if any) workers’ compensation cases
  • Whether the claimant has sought legal representation

By taking into account all of these and other less significant factors, we can help assure you that you’re taking the proper steps in seeking benefits. Suffering from an on-the-job injury or illness is a debilitating and frustrating experience. The forthcoming legal proceedings are usually complex and difficult ordeals. We at Tucker Lawyers PC believe that you shouldn’t be responsible for the mass of paperwork and legal strife that ensues. We also believe that you should be compensated for the injuries that you have sustained and losses that you suffer. Certain injured candidates may be able to apply for different workers’ compensation (and in some cases, Social Security) benefits, and we want to help you avoid sacrificing part of your reward because you weren’t alerted to the full extent of your rights.

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