Building collapses are rare but devastating accidents. Their destruction can be widespread, and often result in death. If you’ve been involved in a building collapse, or a partial collapse of structure, chances are the physical and emotional harm you’ve suffered is extraordinary.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we understand the significance of these claims, and will fight aggressively to make sure that you receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

You are entitled to full medical treatment, ongoing medical care, and the recovery of whatever wages you miss out on during your recuperation. While you recover, our experienced team of workers’ compensation lawyers will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best medical care and receive the lost wages that you are entitled to. If the accident resulted in loss of life we will fight to maximize the benefits for the victim’s surviving family.

Due to the severity of building collapses, the likelihood of permanently disabling injuries rises. That means emergency room services, potentially extensive hospital stays, numerous treatments, and on-going personal care. You need a workers’ compensation attorney that knows how to assure you comprehensive and long-lasting coverage and the legal team at Tucker Lawyers PC have the ability and experience to do so. If your injuries prevent you from returning to work for 12 months you may also qualify for Social Security benefits.

Cause of Building Collapse Injuries

As we mentioned, the scope of a building collapse’s destruction can be expansive. And the reasons for a collapse vary. If you believe any of the following may be responsible for the collapse that caused your injury, you may have grounds to file a claim for additional benefits not covered by workers’ compensation:

  • Poor supervision or negligence by the contractor, foreman, or on-duty supervisor
  • Malfunctioning hoists, scaffoldings, ladders, or other equipment
  • Engineering miscalculation
  • Inadequate staffing led to a hazardous situation that the workers present were too few in numbers to handle properly
  • Defective construction materials

Contact Our New York Building Accident Lawyers

If a subcontractor, architect, or other third party was at fault in the collapse that you were injured in, you may be eligible to pursue a claim to hold them accountable. To find out more about the extent of your legal rights, contact Tucker Lawyers PC. The consultation is free, and we guarantee results or no fee is charged. If you or a loved one was involved in a building collapse you have experienced an incredible hardship, and you deserve to be provided for during your time of need.

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