Catastrophic Injuries in New York: Subway, Bus, Ferry, Train, and More

Because so many New Yorkers depend on public transportation, special state rules apply to the companies and governments that operate mass transit in our state.

That is true for both local and interstate transportation, whether public or private. The laws generally apply to everything from the New York City subway and ferry boats to bus lines and major state-to-state routes by train.

Passengers using New York public transportation sustain injuries every single day. Many of these injuries are mild or moderate in nature. Even in those less disastrous cases, the victims are often entitled to financial compensation, and our firm helps them recover the reimbursement they deserve.

Some public transit accidents are so serious that they permanently alter the lives of those impacted by them. We call these catastrophic public transportation accidents, and they typically involve severe injuries or even death.

As with routine injuries, victims with catastrophic injuries caused by negligent transportation are entitled to monetary compensation. In fact, special state or federal provisions sometimes kick in to provide even greater legal protection to those who are suffering. In the event of a wrongful death, certain family members may also make a claim for compensation.

Unfortunately, claims involving “common carriers” (that is, public transportation units and the organizations that control them) are mired in red tape. The defendants might include governments, major corporations, insurance companies, and more. That makes litigation complicated. Governments often claim immunity while insurance companies are notorious for fighting legitimate lawsuits.

Fortunately, with an experienced and aggressive law firm on your side, you can hold those defendants accountable to the law. It’s important to work with attorneys who have specific and credible experience with catastrophic accident claims, which demand a much greater degree of knowledge and skill than other personal injury cases.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we are proud of our record of advocacy for catastrophic injury victims in New York. We know how to approach these cases with truly effective strategies and compelling legal arguments that make a difference. You can count on our New York public transportation accident attorneys to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Common Public Transit Accidents

Virtually every mode of public transportation poses a risk of injury.

The most common public transit accidents include:

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries in Public Transit

Injuries typical of a catastrophic public transportation accident include:

  • Internal organ damage
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac event
  • Severe pain and/or emotional distress
  • Long-term changes in vision, hearing, or other senses
  • Death.

Any injury that causes substantial hardship or devastation in your life may entitle you to significant financial compensation. The New York public transportation accident attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can help you earn the compensation you deserve.

How Our NYC Public Transportation Lawyers Can Help

New York City has the most extensive public transportation system in North America. The Empire State’s other great cities have their own systems in place as well, and even our neighboring New Jersey partners with New York in making mass transit available to our many residents, visitors, and commuters. It comes as no surprise, then, that accidents and injuries related to mass transportation are relatively common in New York City. In most cases, those accidents are caused by the operator’s negligence.

Victims of negligence never deserve the suffering they endure. The plight of the catastrophically injured is especially heartbreaking. These people and their families deserve justice, and we believe that should include the largest possible financial recovery.

The New York public transportation accident attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC are prepared to go the distance for New York’s catastrophic accident victims, turning over every stone in our fight for justice. We won’t even charge you for our services unless we’re successful. Contact our car accident attorneys in Farmingdale to get started with a free consultation today.

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