Someone’s Negligence Can Seriously Injure Your Child

Kids being kids, they get their share of bumps, bruises and sometimes even worse; merely because they are who they are. But often, when children are seriously hurt, it’s a result of someone else’s negligence – or sometimes even willful conduct. In that event, the onus is on the parents to protect their injured kids – and the family budget – by seeking compensation from these negligent parties, hopefully assuring that the same thing won’t happen to someone else’s children.

Negligence can cause injury to children in many situations. A few of them include:

Below are a few brief overviews of some of the ways your child can be injured by the negligence of others, after which you will likely need the services of a a child injury attorney. At Tucker Lawyers PC, Our New York personal injury lawyers are here to help you and your loved ones get the compensation you deserve.

Has Your Child been Abused by Someone You Trust?

Many of you take your small child to daycare or preschool. You rely on the staff to protect and nurture them. Sometimes things don’t happen that way. Child neglect is a form of child abuse –when someone does not meet a child’s basic needs. These situations can involve failure to protect their health, properly supervise, feed or see to their physical, emotional, educational, social, or safety needs. They can be physically or emotionally abused, or just ignored because there are too many children and not enough (or properly trained) adult supervisors. Such neglect shatters young lives and often causes mental health and behavior issues that can last a lifetime.

Some of the obvious physical signs of possible daycare or preschool abuse/neglect include bruises, broken bones, abrasions or burns.

But other subtle symptoms could exist, such as changes in a child’s behavior. Your normally quiet and calm child could start to lash out. Or your happy-go-lucky child might suddenly become sullen and withdrawn. They might also suddenly resist – or even struggle – when it’s time to go to daycare. Even more sinister behavior by a staff member may be the cause, which should be investigated by an attorney and maybe even law enforcement officials.

Has a Defective Product Injured your Child?

Toys break all the time, usually because kids are hard on them. But if one breaks and seriously injures your child, it could be because of the designer or manufacturer’s negligence. If your lawyer investigates and finds that the product was defective, compensation for your child’s injuries may be possible.

The most common toys that cause injury include:

  • Rocking horses
  • Balloons
  • Battery-operated toys
  • Toys with electrical cords or sharp or jagged edges.

Many injuries to small children can also be attributed to defective car restraint devices or confusing instructions that accompany them. And in some cases, defective walkers and cribs have been found to injure or even kill a small child.

Premises Liability Regarding Children

When a property owner or renter knows that children are on their property, they generally owe them a greater duty of care than they owe adults, especially if the children are legal “invitees” or social guests. A lesser duty may be owed a child who trespasses on someone’s property. But regardless of whether the child does or does not belong there, the owner/renter must warn children of apparent dangers on their property that they are aware of.

The following are some of the more common reasons for premises liability cases filed on behalf of children who are injured due to owner/renter neglect:

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Burns from fires
  • Toxic chemical burns or asphyxiation
  • Accidental drowning
  • Animal bites.

Birth Injuries Account for Too Many Injuries to Infants

Sometimes, a child suffers an injury the day it is born. They can suffer catastrophic harm during labor or delivery, ranging from mild to extremely grave injury, or even death; and this can occur in many different ways. Most often such injuries are the product of negligence by the doctor or a member of the birthing team, hospital nursing staff, the manufacturer of a defective device used during delivery, or those who serviced or maintained the equipment.

A few of these many Injuries can include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Facial paralysis
  • Paralysis or other injuries to the baby’s arms or hands

Infant injuries are often a result of the healthcare team’s failures to:

  • Respond to fetal distress
  • Deal with fetal bleeding
  • Quickly deal with an umbilical cord complication
  • Anticipate difficulties due to size of the baby
  • Provide adequate post-natal care.

If another person’s negligence has resulted in serious harm to your child, the wisest move is to contact an experienced, compassionate personal injury attorney to protect your and your child’s rights to fair compensation. Contact our New York child injury lawyers with Tucker Lawyers PC for a free, no-obligation, consultation. You pay nothing unless we succeed in winning damages for you.

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