Failure To Diagnose Cancer

One of the greatest tools in combating the adverse effects of cancer is early detection. If you believe that your doctor misdiagnosed your cancer, or missed obvious warning signs that would’ve led to a correct diagnosis sooner, and ultimately better treatment options, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the doctor’s medical malpractice.

Figuring out whether or not a doctor or members of the hospital staff is legally liable for your suffering is often a difficult process. The medical malpractice attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC know how to compare the procedures and opinions of your physician against the equivalent procedures and opinions of his or her peers. If your doctor is found to be negligent for failing to take the appropriate medical steps as dictated by New York State Law, then you have the right to claim medical malpractice to hold the doctor accountable. You may be entitled to benefits which can help ensure that, from this point on, you receive the utmost in medical care. They can also help pay for comprehensive medical coverage for your ongoing treatment and, in some cases, compensate you for the emotional stress you were forced to endure.

Do you suffer from any of these forms of cancer?

  • Lung cancer / mesothelioma
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Skin cancer / melanoma
  • Thyroid cancer

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Cancer is a terrible affliction. So if you believe your suffering is the direct cause of someone else’s lack of attention to detail, you deserve to be provided for in your time of need. We can help enforce your rights in court, but the first step is letting us evaluate your claim. At Tucker Lawyers PC, the consultation is always free from our personal injury lawyers in Queens and if we don’t win your case there is no fee.

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Managing Attorney John. J. Tucker, Esq.

John has personally handled thousands of clients who were victims of another’s negligence and fights relentlessly for their rights. John enjoys bringing closure to a client’s matter so that the injured party can move forward with their life. His background enables him to evaluate complex liability related claims and bring resolution to claims in a record time frame. [ Attorney Bio ]

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