Heroin Possession

The damaging effects of heroin are far-ranging. Far beyond heroin’s ability to wreak personal destruction lies more expansive harms- its capability to fracture communities, to pollute whole groups of young people like an easily-communicable disease, to infiltrate society and lead addicts towards other dangerous crimes. It is almost impossible to count the injuries and deaths resultant from the robberies desperate users resort to in the name of a fix. And that’s to say nothing of heroin’s dark origin. Much heroin is imported from foreign cartels; grown and manufactured and shipped by the selfsame cells who use drug-trafficking profit to fund their own brand of terrorism.

If this all seems a dramatic take on an illegal street drug, it’s for good reason. Heroin consumption can be deadly, and heroin possession is a heavily punishable crime. Heroin is a controlled substance, and possession of any controlled substance in New York State carries with it potential jail time. While most drug charges mandate a minimum 1-year sentence, prison length rises exponentially with the volume of drugs one possesses.

Amount of Heroin (In Ounces) Class of Felony
≥ ¼ oz. D
≥ 1 oz. C
≥ 2 oz. B
≥ 4 oz. A

There is another variable at play: whether or not you attempt to sell the drug. Attempting to sell heroin is a Class A felony. The correlative jail times likewise rises as the class of felony approaches “Class A.”

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