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Domestic violence is a gravely serious issue. Also known as spousal abuse or domestic abuse, domestic violence occurs when two people who are intimate with one another engage in violent behavior. Domestic violence occurs in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, and the victims can be both women and men. It may also occur between parents and their children. It is because the victim and assailant are on intimate terms that domestic abuse oftentimes goes unreported.

Domestic violence includes many different crimes. Ranging anywhere from severe verbal abuse to life-endangering assault with a deadly weapon, and covering all types of physical altercations in between, the term domestic violence also covers actions such as marital rape.

Those who stand accused of domestic abuse face jail time, steep fines, and lengthy probationary terms if found guilty.

Misdemeanor offenses often carry probationary periods, mandated rehabilitation and treatment programs, fines and victim restitutions. Sometimes, light jail sentences are enforced even for misdemeanor offenses.

For felony abuse charges, longer prison sentences will be handed down. Though penalties vary state by state, it is universally true that felonies translate to longer jail terms than misdemeanors.

Tucker Lawyers PC will help you reduce your charges and thereby lessen the penalties you incur.

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At Tucker Lawyers PC, our team includes not only domestic abuse lawyers but also car accident lawyers in Farmingdale. We seek out the mitigating factors of your circumstance and guarantee support, belief and an expert team of attorneys who specialize in building a sound defense. In cases of domestic abuse, we ardently strive for justice and will use all the expertise and knowledge at our disposal to assist you through your legal process.

If you or a loved one have been involved in any sort of domestic violence, we understand how hard it can be taking that first step and reaching out. Even if you stand accused of abuse yourself, we can help you get started on the right path. We assure you that our consultations are free and confidential, so contact us today.

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