Endangering the Welfare of a Child

In August of 2013 a woman, who stood accused of neglecting and physically abusing her daughter, entered an Alfred plea to two felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child. An Alfred plea is an unusual defense in which a defendant may plead guilty while maintaining their innocence. The rationale behind an Alfred plea is that while the defendant denies all charges, they believe there is a possibility the court will find them guilty nonetheless.

The child in this case was being raised in a filthy, urine-soaked home and fed so infrequently she was dangerously malnourished when cops discovered the scene. These conditions are seriously unfit for child-rearing, and the safety of the child was severely compromised. The two felonies the mother was charged with carried with them a possible collective jail sentence of around fifteen years.

This is just one such (albeit extreme) case of child endangerment.

At Tucker Lawyers PC, we want for nothing more than the safety of our community’s children. We believe that all children deserve a loving and comfortable home, free of abuse and neglect. However, we also realize that furnishing such a lifestyle is a largely expensive enterprise. Perhaps something a court deems substandard living conditions is something you consider trying your very best. We understand that not all cases of child endangerment are simply cut and dry.

As is often the case, charges vary by circumstance. A court will take into account the age of the child and the perceived amount of neglect and/or abuse and factor this into their decision. Felony charges carry at least one year of jail time, and while misdemeanor charges are less serious, they too may mean time spent in jail. Either charge could potentially mean long probationary periods.

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If you do face child endangerment charges, it’s imperative that you act quickly. Failure to comply directly with the requests of the court can exacerbate your problem and lead to further charges, such as child abuse, battery, and even kidnapping. You could even wind up losing custody.

The best thing you can do, for yourself and your child, is to retain counsel immediately and start taking concrete steps towards remedying the problem. No one wants to be separated from their child. Let the compassionate and experienced team of attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC fight for your right to continue providing for the ones you love. We know times can be difficult, and in times of need, it is necessary to enlist the help of skilled professionals, who will greatly enhance your chances of succeeding in court. If you are unsure about your next step, call us today. Our consultations are easy and always free.

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