So your recent court case did not unfold as planned. Does this mean that you’ve got no legal recourse? That you must submit yourself to the verdict administered and resign all hope?

We at Tucker Lawyers PC are here to tell you that there is nothing further from the truth. In mostly all circumstances, you may still be able to appeal your decision. Just because you’ve been convicted of a crime does not mean that the conclusion is final. Our skilled team of attorneys have a sterling track record of reversing judicial decisions in appellate court.

How Do We Do It?

In any trial, there are hundreds of variables that can swing a decision out of your favor. The judge and the jury could be to blame but, most likely, an error was made on behalf of your defense. We specialize in examining the details of your initial case, pinpointing where your counsel went wrong, and correcting their mistakes. In this way, we can rebuild your case from the ground up and mount a stronger offensive during the appeals process.

The sad truth of the matter is that innocent people are convicted of crimes all of the time. At Tucker Lawyers PC, we stand for justice, and we work with fierce determination in the name of preserving it. If you believe you’ve been wrongly convicted, we’re here to set things right.

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Tucker Lawyers PC is a trusted name in both civil and criminal litigation. Throughout the years, we’ve forged failsafe techniques that we use to clear your name and mend erroneous judgments. So if you’ve been found guilty, we implore you not to give up. Our consultations from Farmingdale car accident lawyers are free; if you feel like there’s nowhere else to turn, we’re offering you a second chance.

john tucker

Managing Attorney John. J. Tucker, Esq.

John has personally handled thousands of clients who were victims of another’s negligence and fights relentlessly for their rights. John enjoys bringing closure to a client’s matter so that the injured party can move forward with their life. His background enables him to evaluate complex liability related claims and bring resolution to claims in a record time frame. [ Attorney Bio ]

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