There is a widely held misconception among some New York State laborers that filing for workers’ compensation benefits immediately disqualifies one from applying for more benefits. While this may be true, in some cases you can seek an outside, third-party recovery that supplements your workers’ compensation benefits. The labor law attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC understand the law and how it relates to injured workers.

Three Ways You May Be Eligible For Added Benefits

1. As Stated By NY Labor Code Section: 200

Rule 200 applies to construction sites. Namely, that they should be kept in proper, safe condition by those in charge. This includes the regular maintenance of all construction equipment, the proper usage of lights, and the thorough implementation of safety apparatuses. If an employer fails to meet these obligations, you may be eligible for added benefits.

2. As Stated By NY Labor Code Section: 240

Rule 240 pertains to scaffolding and other equipment designed to allow workers to achieve greater heights. Since moving up vertically exponentially increases the inherent risk of labor, equipment such as scaffoldings, hoists, ladders, etc. have their own safety regulations. It is even more important for this type of equipment to be held to rigorous safety codes. They must be inspected routinely. Sufficient safety gear, such as banisters, belts, harnesses, and railings must always be utilized. If they are not, or any other pertinent regulation was disobeyed, and an injury took place, the injured worker may sue for extra compensation.

3. As Stated By NY Labor Code Section: 241

Another work scenario with a heightened sense of danger is work that involves construction, demolition and excavation. There is a constant danger of cave-ins, along with other related hazards. Because of the added risk in these situations, Rule 241 stipulates that appropriate safety measures must be taken to provide adequate protection to everyone involved in the project and anyone injured due to a lack of protection is entitled to additional benefits.

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