Cocaine Possession

Cocaine, like many other drugs, has many serious mental and physical side-effects. While movies have glamorized cocaine as a recreational drug favored by Hollywood types, the grim reality is that cocaine addiction is harrowing, exhausting, and life-altering. Crack cocaine, powdered cocaine’s elemental brethren, is arguably even worse. Addiction to crack cocaine has been said to occur instantaneously, and users have been known to eschew most of what they previously loved in favor of getting high.

Correspondingly, getting caught in possession of cocaine could mean long prison sentences, heavy fines, and years of probation.

Cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance. Possession of cocaine is illegal in any amount, though the more you are caught with, the greater the penalty.

Here is a table detailing the punishments for holding increasing amounts of cocaine:

Amount Charge Punishment
Less than 500 milligrams

Possession in the Seventh Degree
(Class-A Misdemeanor)

Up to 1 year in jail
Over 500 milligrams Possession in the Fifth Degree
(Class-D Felony)
Up to 7 years in jail
Over 1/8 an ounce Possession in the Fourth Degree
(Class-C Felony)
Up to 15 years in jail
Over 1/2 an ounce Possession in the Third Degree
(Class-B Felony)
Up to 25 years in jail
Over 4 ounces Possession in the Second Degree
(Class-AII Felony)
Possible life sentence +
Fine up to $50,000
Over 8 ounces Possession in the First Degree
(Class-AI Felony)
Possible life sentence +
Fine up to $100,000

Like most drug charges, you face less punishment for first offenses, and face increasingly harsh verdicts as you repetitively offend. Having a skilled team of attorneys in your corner during your trial can greatly increase your chances of avoiding jail time- and that’s where we come in.

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At Tucker Lawyers PC, we have a long and proven track record of diminishing punishments attached to drug charges. Our clients have seen reduced jail time, reduced probationary terms, and markedly lower fines. Most avoided jail all together. We know how to limit extraneous add-on charges, like paraphernalia possession, and thus strip away months, and even years, of punishment. When building a solid defense, we proficiently utilize our collective expertise and use time-tested strategies for the strongest possible outcome. If you or a loved one has been caught in possession of cocaine, trust the skilled and compassionate team of cocaine possession attorneys or car accident lawyers in Farmingdale at Tucker Lawyers PC.

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