Arraignments serve as the prelude to a criminal trial. It is a formal reading of the charges filed against you. Here, you will not only hear the charges you face, but also some of the circumstances of your case, and any accusations made against you. You will then be forced to make a decision: to retain private counsel or opt for a court-appointed lawyer. After these steps have been taken, the accused is expected to enter a plea. “Guilty” and “not guilty” are the most common, but not the only, acceptable pleas. The initial arraignment is to occur within 48 hours of the subject’s arrest, 72 hours if the subject was arrested on a weekend.

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It may be your right to choose a court-appointed lawyer, but the benefits of retaining professional counsel are immeasurable. Your public defender may have dozens of clients on his mind at one time, and may be more interested in clearing his docket than in winning your case. You want representation that is concerned solely with your best interests. At Tucker Lawyers PC, we have a whole team of attorneys ready to stand by your side throughout the duration of your legal process. We can offer invaluable advice, build sound legal strategy, and make sure your case goes as successfully as possible. If nothing else, let us help you explore your options and learn about your rights as a defendant. Our consultations are free from car accident lawyers in Glen Cove, so you have nothing to lose. Contact us today.

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