What Is The Workers Compensation Claims Process?

If you’ve been injured, or have contracted an illness, at work, you need a team of attorneys who will fight to protect your interests as you file for workers’ compensation benefits. The process for filing compensation claims and receiving your maximum just rewards is an intricate one, but the skilled workers’ compensation attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC are here to help you realize your full potential gain.

Not sure if your injury warrants workers’ compensation? It is prudent to report your injury and see a doctor anyway. The sooner you report your injury, the better. Within the first 30 days of the accident is ideal.

Questions about Claims and Appeals

  • Is there paperwork to file? After the accident, there should be a way to file an accident report with your employer. Afterwards, there will be forms to fill out with the New York State Workers’ Compensation board; paperwork that Tucker Lawyers PC would be glad to help you obtain and complete.
  • What happens next? Next, the Workers’ Compensation Board holds a hearing wherein they either approve or decline your claim. Having attorneys advocate your case in court greatly increases your chances of securing benefits. We’re experienced in dealing with the board and the insurance companies involved.
  • What if my claim is denied? If your claim is denied, we get to work filing an appeal. The appeals process involves re-presenting your case in front of a panel of three Workers’ Compensation Law Judges, and is the final stage of the claims process. At this crucial stage, it’s most important to have someone aggressively enforcing your rights.

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When you’ve fully recovered and are ready to return to work, workers’ compensation benefits will terminate. It’s important though, during the time that you can’t work, that you receive your lost wages and that you are compensated for any ongoing medical treatment. Applying for workers’ compensation benefits can allow you to get the medical care that you deserve. Call us at Tucker Lawyers PC, where the consultation is always free. And if we’re unable to win your claim, all legal fees are waived.

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Managing Attorney John. J. Tucker, Esq.

John has personally handled thousands of clients who were victims of another’s negligence and fights relentlessly for their rights. John enjoys bringing closure to a client’s matter so that the injured party can move forward with their life. His background enables him to evaluate complex liability related claims and bring resolution to claims in a record time frame. [ Attorney Bio ]

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