A work injury can completely change the course of a worker’s life. Even a minor injury can set off an unfortunate chain of events that leads to financial devastation and overwhelming mental and emotional stress. A Queens, New York, work injury attorney addresses these issues by pursuing compensation that can make a world of difference in their clients’ lives.

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Our Queens, New York, work injury lawyers have helped many injured workers in their time of need. They truly understand how work injuries can impact workers’ lives and the lives of their loved ones. These deep losses drive our team of Queens, New York, work injury lawyers to always pursue maximum benefits and compensation when we take on an injured worker as a client.

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Compensation can’t change what has already happened, but it can make for a brighter future. Our Queens, New York, work injury attorneys are ready to listen to your story and help you determine an appropriate next step.

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Who Covers Workers’ Injuries?

Who pays when you are injured at work? In a standard personal injury case outside of work, you would pursue compensation from the at-fault party. However, work injuries are exclusively handled by workers’ comp, with a few important exceptions.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp gives workers access to certain economic compensation and benefits without having to build a negligence case. The trade-off is less compensation. Workers’ comp benefits and coverage in New York include:

  • Coverage of medical treatment and care related to your work injury
  • Partial wage replacement
  • Certain expenses related to your injury and its care and treatment.

You may also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation depending on the nature of your injury. Regardless of your circumstances, it is important to know the full extent of the benefits you deserve.

Third Parties

A third party may be financially responsible for your injuries if their negligence played a role in your accident. Third parties are any party other than your boss and fellow employee, such as:

  • A food delivery worker
  • Cargo delivery drivers
  • Customers and clients
  • The general public
  • Motor vehicle operators
  • Construction and road construction workers.

Product manufacturers are also considered third parties who are present at a worksite through their products. However, product manufacturers may be held strictly liable for dangerously defective products, which means there is no need to build a case for negligence.

In most other cases, however, you must prove negligence before you receive compensation. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that an injured worker seek the services of an experienced Queens, New York, work injury attorney as soon as possible after suffering a work accident.

Third-party personal injury damages are more extensive than workers’ comp benefits. In addition to medical care coverage, personal injury compensation also covers:

  • Full replacement of lost income
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Loss of property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of consortium.

In some unfortunate cases, workers’ injuries are caused by willful and wanton negligence. For example, if someone sets fire to a store or other commercial establishment out of spite, they may face punitive damages for injuries or fatalities that result.

At Tucker Lawyers, we see every day just how much these damages help injured workers and their families. We will work diligently to recover substantial compensation for each of the compensable losses you experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get more answers from the Q&A below. The more you learn, the more you’ll understand what compensation is available to you and how a lawyer can help you get it.

  • What is the time limit to file for compensation for work injuries in Queens?

    For claims filed under workers’ compensation, the time limit is two years. If your injury has developed over time, you generally have two years from the date the condition was discovered. However, for personal injury claims based on a work injury, the statute of limitations is three years.

    Keep in mind that waiting until the last minute means two or three years have passed since your accident. This amount of time complicates legal matters due to time’s effect on physical evidence and witness testimony. Victims are encouraged to take immediate action to preserve their compensation claims.

  • Can a boss ever be sued for a work injury?

    In very limited instances, it is possible to sue your boss for a work injury. To do so, one of the following must be true:

    • Your boss harmed you on purpose, including sanctioning your harm by others.
    • Your boss failed to carry workers’ comp insurance coverage.
    • Your boss was not required to carry workers’ comp insurance.

    If any of these are true, you may pursue full compensation against your employer. If the injury was inflicted purposefully, you may be entitled to exemplary (punitive) damages as well.

  • What are some common work injuries?

    Numerous types of injuries commonly occur across many industries. They include:

    • Injuries to the head and brain
    • Injuries to the spine, neck, and back
    • Facial injuries, such as injuries to the eyes and ears
    • Dental injuries
    • Organ and other internal damage
    • Blood loss injuries
    • Crushed and broken bones
    • Hearing and vision loss
    • Poisoning
    • Development of deadly or debilitating health conditions.

    Psychological injuries also occur, such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. With proper documentation, an injured worker may receive compensation for psychological conditions stemming from a traumatic injury, a traumatic event, or extremely adverse working conditions.

  • I experienced retaliation from my boss for filing a workers’ comp suit. What should I do?

    You do not have to tolerate retaliation from your employer. If you experience any form of retaliation for filing a workers’ comp claim, contact your Queens, New York, work injury attorney as soon as possible. There are remedies available to protect you from and compensate you for acts of employment retaliation.

  • If I file a workers’ comp suit, can I file a third-party lawsuit?

    Yes. If there are proper grounds to file a third-party lawsuit after a work injury, you are not excluded from doing so simply because you filed a workers’ comp claim.

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