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Wrong-way driving accidents in New York are always serious and often fatal. There is little to protect innocent drivers who suddenly find another vehicle hurtling toward them from the wrong direction. Wrong-way head-on car wrecks are a truly terrifying scenario, one which drivers consistently admit as their most feared.

The fact that many of Hollywood’s action and horror films feature a wrong-way head-on crash reflects just how desperately we all hope to avoid them. Sadly, these accidents are not limited to the silver screen. They do happen in real life — usually as a result of drunk driving – to friends and neighbors on our streets.

  • Several people were hurt in a wrong-way crash involving a drunk driver on the Bronx River Parkway in Yonkers on a late February morning.
  • A Suffolk County police officer was seriously injured in a head-on crash while he was on duty.

In fact, wrong-way driving accidents (WWDA) account for between 300 and 400 deaths in the United States every year, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT). Many more are seriously injured. The problem is so serious that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) commissioned a special investigation into wrong-way car crashes in 2012.

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How Tucker Lawyers Will Work for You

Our wrong-way driving accident attorneys have the professional skills and legal knowledge to help our clients obtain a fair settlement or judgment. After an accident, contacting one of our New York wrong-way driving accident lawyers can provide you with the legal counsel needed to navigate a challenging traffic accident case.

Listed below are a few of the ways that we commonly help our clients:

  • Investigation: Our team has the skills to review the cases we accept and practice our well-refined investigation skills to gather the evidence necessary to prove to the involved insurance companies or the court that you are entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages sustained in a wrong-way accident.
  • Communication: We offer stellar communication that you can count on. Our clients gain peace of mind by being able to ask questions and receive prompt answers from our team. We ensure that you always understand your rights and that they are protected, and we are transparent about your options while offering advice that will help you to choose the best possible route for your case.
  • Peace of mind: We understand that this is a trying time for you and will take over communication with all other involved parties so that you can focus your energy on getting better. Sometimes, victims inadvertently say things that can diminish the damages they would have otherwise received. By allowing us to handle communication, you eliminate that risk.
  • Unwavering support: We serve our clients and support them from the immediate accident until the final settlement reaches the bank. Tucker Lawyers, PC, has a wrong-way driving accident attorney who will work hard for our clients in their current case and any legal matters they may face in the future. With that kind of commitment, you can be assured that you are receiving the best possible representation.

The NTSB Findings Include the Following

  • While wrong-way accidents are rare when compared to other kinds of accidents (including other head-on collisions), they tend to be fatal, and that rate has remained relatively unchanged for many years.
  • Wrong-way collisions occur most often at night, on the weekends, and in lanes closest to a median.
  • More than 60 percent of wrong-way collisions are drunk driving accidents.
  • There is not yet enough data to determine how often drugs are involved in wrong-way crashes, whether legal or illegal. But law enforcement knows a certain percentage of WWDAs are caused by drivers under the influence of drugs.
  • Older drivers are “over-represented” in wrong-way accidents. Authorities suspect that age-induced dementia, disorientation, and slow reaction times all play a part in many WWDAs.
  • To be most effective, prevention efforts should focus on traffic control devices, wrong-way signage, interchange design, and anti-drunk-driving measures.

Ultimately, the NTSB report describes “collisions involving vehicles traveling the wrong way on high-speed divided highways” as “one of the most serious types of highway accidents” and calls on state and local governments to address the issue with urgency.

Senseless Tragedies: Preventable Wrong-Way Driving Accidents in New York

Frustratingly enough, most wrong way driving accidents in New York are preventable. Even in cases where the at-fault driver is not known to have been “under the influence,” it is likely that some other kind of negligent behavior is to blame. The most common causes of wrong-way driving accidents in New York include:

  • Impaired driving due to alcohol intoxication, drug use, or a combination of both
  • Texting and driving (“intextication”)
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving (driver fatigue)
  • Speeding
  • Unfit or unlicensed drivers
  • Inadequate roadway lighting
  • Inadequate or confusing traffic signage or traffic control devices
  • Poor interchange design.

Victims of Head-On WWDAs are Likely to Experience the Following Injuries:

  • Head trauma (concussions and traumatic brain injury, TBI)
  • Neck, back, and spine trauma
  • Broken facial bones
  • Chest and thoracic trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Wrongful death.

Injured victims can seek financial recovery from any at-fault party, which may include drivers, vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, local or state governments, and more. The compensation in these cases tends to be substantial, as most WWDA injuries are acute and many tend to be debilitating. Additionally, the experienced New York City car crash lawyers at Tucker Lawyers PC can help grieving family members secure justice for their loss after a wrongful death. We have extensive experience working with families touched by this tragedy. Our mission is to provide compassionate and comforting service as we aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf, allowing you to take the time you need to recover and be with the people you love.

Frequently Asked Questions Following a Wrong-Way Driving Accident

Should I attend follow-up doctor visits even though I do not believe I need them? 

Yes, you should follow your medical professional’s instructions to the letter. The insurance companies we will negotiate your settlement with will take every opportunity possible to discredit you and the damages you are claiming, so skipping appointments gives them this ammunition against you.

Is the driver always at fault for a wrong-way driving accident? 

Not always. There are times when the signs and traffic instructions are unclear. This is not the fault of the driver but the governing body and the community who permitted the confusing signage.

How can I prove fault in a wrong-way car accident? 

There are various ways fault can be shown, witness testimony, video evidence from dashcams or surveillance tapes, and the evidence at the scene, such as skid marks and vehicle and property damage.

Is it essential to hire an attorney even if I was not at fault in a wrong-way driving accident? 

You should absolutely hire an attorney if you have been involved in a wrong-way driving accident. You are entitled to compensatory damages. New York wrong-way accident lawyers will leave nothing on the table since they are experienced in negotiations and knowledgeable about the available compensation.

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