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Most of us use at least one parking lot every day, so the chances are good you’ll end up having an accident at some point. And if you do, you’ll need an NYC parking lot accident lawyer. In the city, you might rely on taxis to take you to parking lots, or maybe you pass through on foot while out and about, heading toward the deli. Meanwhile, parking lots play an even bigger role in daily life in the suburbs and smaller towns, functioning as a kind of gateway to commerce.

Unfortunately, parking lots create a false sense of security, perhaps because we use them so often that we take our safety for granted. There’s a notion that because the traffic is light and the speeds are slow, there’s very little threat in a parking lot or garage.

Parking lot accidents are widespread in New York, though, and they tend to “come out of nowhere.” But they shouldn’t be much of a surprise. With numerous cars driving in various directions, often with very little traffic control or directional signage, too many drivers fail to treat parking lots with the same respect they’d give to the open road.

If you or a loved one is injured while navigating through a parking lot or garage, turn to our experienced New York parking lot accident attorneys at Tucker Lawyers for help. Call our team today at (516) 399-2364.

Parking Lot Accident Lawyers Are Kept Busy by Distracted Drivers and Negligent Owners

Deaths and Injuries Happen in Parking Facilities Every Day

Tens of thousands of parking lot accidents happen in parking lots and ramp garages each year, causing hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries annually, reports the National Safety Council (NSC). The danger increases as parking lots fill up during the holiday shopping season.

An NSC public opinion poll found two-thirds of drivers admitted they make phone calls while driving in parking lots. Respondents also said they would engage in other distractions behind the wheel:

  • Program GPS systems (63%)
  • Text (56%)
  • Use social media (52%)
  • Send or receive emails (50%)
  • Take photos or watch videos (49%).

These careless, thoughtless acts can cause severe injuries in parking lots, especially to pedestrians. Our parking lot accident lawyers make these drivers responsible for their negligence and help the injured get the compensation they deserve.

Who and What Causes Parking Lot Accidents

Driving in a parking lot is still driving, though many of us don’t take it as seriously as we should. We’re not in the office, store, or workplace, but we’re not on the road yet. Dangerous drivers see parking lots and garages as places where safety rules can be bent to get a good parking spot or beat the traffic by speeding past others in the parking lot.

Drivers aren’t the only problem. Owners and property managers can allow potholes, inadequate pavement striping, poor signage, debris, lousy lighting, puddles, ice, and snow on the property. They increase the risks of slips and falls, vehicles striking pedestrians, and drivers losing control.

You may have heard someone say that laws don’t apply in parking lots. That simply isn’t true. Parking lots are not the Wild, Wild West. While they are generally less strictly regulated than highways, the law still imposes a general duty of care on every driver in a parking lot. Our parking lot accident attorney can help hold drivers and other parties accountable for their negligence, whether they’re on public or private property.

Our Parking Lot Accident Lawyers in NYC Can Help You in Many Situations

The good news is that parking lot accidents are, on average, less catastrophic than those we’d usually find on a freeway. That’s because drivers, while often reckless, tend to proceed through parking lots at slower speeds.

That isn’t always the case, though. We’ve all seen someone drive dangerously fast in a pedestrian-heavy parking zone. Our parking lot accident attorneys in New York have represented clients seriously injured in accidents in ramp garages and parking lots.

Common parking lot auto accidents include:

Our parking lot lawyers in NYC understand that even moderate injuries can profoundly impact your life. You deserve compensation for all your losses, ranging from hospital bills to lost income caused by time away from work. Whether you were a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, our parking lot accident attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Get help from our experienced team of car accident attorneys in manhattan today. Call us at (516) 399-2364.

Our Parking Lot Accident Attorney Can Help Determine Who’s at Fault

For the most part, parking lot accident claims in New York proceed in much the same way that a car crash elsewhere would. One key exception is third-party liability. Victims of a highway accident have a harder time holding local and state governments responsible for negligence in creating and maintaining roadways (though it’s possible, depending on the facts) than in private parking lot cases.

Parking lot and ramp garage owners and management may try to squeeze every penny out of a location. Maintenance is delayed, broken lights aren’t replaced, snow isn’t cleared, and cars fill every square inch of space. A poorly run parking facility is an accident waiting to happen.

Depending on the circumstances, the problem may be the other driver.

  • Ramp garages are infamous for drivers speeding up and down, around blind corners, trying to get in or out as quickly as possible.
  • Due to limited visibility and tight quarters, drivers can back up into pedestrians or fail to yield to oncoming vehicles.
  • Intoxicated drivers leaving sporting events, concerts, bars, and restaurants can make bad decisions and not be in total control of their vehicle.

Drivers and parking facility owners may share responsibility for your accident. Poor lighting can make it harder to see cars speeding through a parking lot. Ice and snow cause a distracted driver to lose control and slide into your vehicle.

At Tucker Lawyers, our parking lot accident attorneys can help you explore every available avenue for compensation.

Other Parking Facility Safety Concerns

While this page focuses on auto accidents in New York parking lots, you should know that there is also a wide range of other safety concerns associated with parking areas. These include property damage, theft, mugging, assault, battery, rape, and murder.

Poor property maintenance might also lead to slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, animal attacks, electrocution, and much more. Our talented NYC personal injury lawyers can help in these situations as well. Please visit our page on premises liability to learn more.

How to Prove Fault in a Parking Lot Accident

Facts and evidence tell our clients’ stories, no matter where the accident occurs. We gather that evidence in our investigation after we’re retained. Contact our office as soon as possible after your accident, because the evidence in a parking lot crash case can quickly go missing.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right photo or video of a parking facility accident may be worth thousands of dollars.

Photo and video evidence to capture:

  • After the accident, if it’s possible, take photos and videos of the scene, the damage to the vehicles, and any conditions (like missing lighting or slick pavement) that may have contributed to the accident
  • Security cameras cover many parking lots and ramp garages. Cameras next door or across the street may record images of parking lots. This critical evidence may not be kept for long, so we need to get them as quickly as possible

How to prove fault in a parking lot accident may come down to your statement, the vehicles’ physical damage, the images you provide, and footage from security cameras. After all this is reviewed and pieced together, we may have a clear idea of what happened, why, and who’s at fault. If the other party’s responsibility is clear enough, insurance companies may not contest liability. Then, our parking lot accident attorney’s negotiations can focus on your damages and a fair settlement amount.

Our Parking Lot Accident Attorneys in New York Represent Victims Across the State

If you’ve been hurt in a parking lot accident anywhere in The Empire State, our experienced parking lot accident attorneys in New York can help. We’ll fight hard so you’ll obtain the compensation you deserve. We do not charge for our services unless you have a successful outcome, so we bear the risk – not you.

Time limits apply in most parking lot cases, so please don’t delay. Contact our office today at (516) 399-2364 to set up a free consultation.

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