Jet Ski Accidents

Most people equate the idea of a Jet Ski with nothing but good times. Unfortunately, improper use or malfunctioning parts can sometimes lead to accidents and injuries. The technical term for Jet Skis, Wave Runners, and similar vehicles is “personal watercraft”, abbreviated PWC. If you or a loved one have been involved in a PWC accident or were injured on a PWC, the jet ski accident attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can help guide you through the ensuing legal proceedings and fight to get you all of the benefits that you need and deserve.

What To Do In Case Of A Jet Ski Accident

The most important first step is to seek medical attention in case of an injury. The local authorities should be called and a thorough accident report should be filed. Be sure to include as much evidence and details regarding the accident as possible. If there has been any property damage, retaining counsel could prove invaluable. Our NYC personal injury attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC understand that accidents happen, and are here to protect your rights if you’ve been involved in a PWC accident.

Safety Tips

Ideally, we want you to avoid PWC accidents in the first place. Diligently adhering to safety procedures can greatly reduce your risk of accident.

Here are some tips to consider when operating a PWC:

  • Always use a life jacket when riding a PWC. Life jackets often mean the difference between life and death if an accident renders the rider of a PWC unconscious.
  • Keep a reasonable distance from the shoreline. Don’t tempt fate by approaching shallow water.
  • Also keep a reasonable distance from boats and other PWCs. The most damaging accidents are often vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. It is difficult for larger boats to spot PWCs, so avoiding them is a must.
  • Operate your PWC in a responsible way. Do not drive at reckless speeds or in a reckless manner.
  • Don’t operate a PWC during rough weather. Most PWCs are designed to handle calm seas; riding during storms is a hugely dangerous risk.

Contact Our New York Jet Ski Accident Lawyers

Even with the proper safety equipment and training, riding on PWCs can be a dangerous activity. If you or a loved one has been injured on a PWC, we will fight to get you the benefits that you need. Contact the NYC jet ski accident attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC for a free consultation, and remember, if we don’t win your case there is no legal fee.

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