When was the last time you paid attention to the guardrails on your local roadway, interstate, or highway? Maybe you should take a closer look.

Guardrails are positioned along roadways across New York. They are designed to prevent motorists from accidentally veering off the road, where steep banks, fast traffic or dangerous terrain might await on the other side. They are low-rising metal barriers that run along a road’s shoulder, often sporting a yellow-and-black striped design at their ends.

Unfortunately, these guardrails sometimes cause more harm than good. A recent rash of terrible auto accidents have seen innocent drivers and their passengers severely injured or even killed when guardrails punctured their vehicles.

If engineered correctly, guardrails can deflect cars and act as a barrier to further momentum, but they should never cut through the vehicle itself. Tragically, though, if a guardrail is improperly installed or designed, it can act like a spear — impaling vehicles upon contact and causing devastation inside.

Helping Guardrail Injury Victims

As New York City auto accident attorneys, we have seen the horrifying consequences of faulty guardrails first hand. We understand the anger and outrage that so many are feeling as they learn that systems installed to protect them are instead claiming innocent lives.

Sadly, drivers often can’t tell that a guardrail is defective until it’s too late. Victims and their families are left to face the consequences. We know how hard that is, and we are here to help.

Tucker Lawyers PC is a widely-recognized New York City personal injury law firm. We fight for the rights of New York’s unfairly injured. We are prepared to take on your case, stand up against at-fault corporations and their insurance companies, and insist that you receive the compensation you deserve under the law.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury involving one of these installations, you can count on the New York guardrail injury lawyers at Tucker Lawyers PC.

The Trinity Guardrails Problem

The New York Times reported on the growing epidemic of guardrail injuries across America. As it turns out, a Texas-based guardrail manufacturer by the name of Trinity Industries may be to blame. Trinity has long supplied many of the guardrails in the United States.

Following accusations that Trinity modified its previously approved guardrail design to cut costs, Trinity guardrails were implicated in more than a dozen serious auto accidents and several deaths.

To date, several lawsuits have been filed against Trinity, and litigation is ongoing. Additionally, many states are reconsidering the way they use and approve guardrails. New York has already acted to ban some Trinity guardrails.

Trinity Industries may not be the only problem, though. As traffic safety advocates continue to learn more and more about guardrail injuries, it becomes increasingly clear that drivers need to exercise additional caution when driving alongside guardrails.

Guardrails and Motorcycles

Guardrails are built to protect passenger vehicles and, to some degree, commercial vehicles. But motorcyclists may not be as well-protected as other motorists. If a motorcycle collides with a guardrail, they might suffer serious injuries upon impact or be thrown from their bikes. Motorcyclists should exercise more caution around guardrails. Until the designers and manufacturers of guardrails take motorcyclists into consideration, bikers will be in greater danger of injuries in guardrail collisions.

When a Manufacturer is at Fault

In the case of Trinity guardrails, faulty design was the root of injuries to motorists. However, some guardrails might be faulty because of manufacturing flaws or mistakes during installation. In other words, while the design of the guardrail would generally be considered safe, a mistake during the making or installation of the guardrail – like a faulty component or the misuse of materials – might cause motorists harm.

In cases of faulty design or faulty manufacturing, an injury victim can seek compensation through “product liability claims.” These claims hold the manufacturers, installers or designers responsible for the damage suffered by the victim. It is not necessary for the person filing the claim to have extensive knowledge of these claims. A victim might also not know precisely who was at fault for a defective guardrail. This is where an injury attorney’s role becomes important. A product liability attorney will investigate their client’s case to determine who was at fault and how much their client is owed.

Injured? Our New York Guardrail Injury Lawyers Can Help.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in connection with a guardrail, the New York guardrail injury lawyers at Tucker Lawyers PC can help. We’ll fight hard for your rights and do everything in our power to maximize your compensation while holding accountable those who endangered you and your family.

Our office is conveniently located in New York City, with legal representation available statewide. Time limits may apply to these claims, so please contact us as soon as possible to set up a free consultation from our experienced car accident lawyers in staten island. We’re here to help.

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