Defective Tires

Every year, Americans log trillions of highway miles, relying on their vehicles to take them safely between points A and B. Rubber and road only go together for so long, though, before a vehicle’s tires start to give out.

The Danger of Used and Defective Tires in New York

The truth is that nothing lasts forever. Your car tires are no exception. Aging tires simply are not reliable, and they frequently contribute to serious or deadly New York auto accidents. The problem is especially pervasive when it comes to the used tire market. Unfortunately, retailers and even manufacturers are notorious for misrepresenting the integrity or roadworthiness of a tire. Meanwhile, some drivers knowingly rely on worn-out tires, either out of carelessness or in an effort to save money. At Tucker Lawyers PC, we are dedicated to the safety of New York’s roadways and drivers. We expect tire makers and retailers to obey state and federal law, and when they don’t, we are prepared to hold them accountable for their dangerous practices.

Additionally, we help auto accident victims seek justice from negligent drivers who choose to use the road when they know (or should know) that their tires aren’t safe. Remember — worn-out tires are not reliable and should not be sold. If you or a loved one has suffered injury because of an aging tire, a New York attorney for defective tires at Tucker Lawyers PC can help.

The Six-Year Rule of Thumb

If you’ve ever left an old rubber band in a desk drawer for a long time, you know first-hand that rubber doesn’t last. What once was sturdy is ready to crumble just a few years later. While car tires are more durable than rubber bands, the principle is the same. The more tires are used, the less reliable they become. As a general rule of thumb, tires should be discarded after six years of use. Experts insist that even if a tire looks and feels fine to the hand or eye, internal tire degradation becomes a serious threat six years after manufacturing. That is true regardless of tread depth or appearance.

A tire is unsafe after six years even if it was never used once.

The problem is that used-tire sellers may not be able to tell for sure just how old or how dependable a tire really is. Even experts have a hard time assessing internal tire degradation because it is just that — internal. Even worse, retailers may not even endeavor to find out. That’s why you should exercise great caution when dealing with used tires. Brand-new wheels may be expensive, but the cost of an auto accident can add up to so much more… including your life.

Examples of Negligence: Defective Tires in New York

A New York attorney for defective tires can help with the following instances of retailer or manufacturer negligence, any of which may constitute a violation of the law:

  • Failure to disclose a tire’s age
  • Misrepresenting a used tire as “safe” or “like new”
  • Misrepresenting the quality or accident history of a used tire
  • The manufacture or sale of a defective tire
  • Inadequate safety testing of a tire product by its manufacturer
  • Failure to adhere warning labels to tires (or to place the labels conspicuously)
  • Failing to reasonably investigate a tire’s true age or integrity.

Retailers should warn consumers about the dangers of used tires prior to any purchase. Additionally, drivers who buy used tires despite the dangers — or who fail to replace their tires after six years — may be liable for the injuries they cause in an auto accident in New York. An experienced attorney can help to recover monetary reimbursement from those drivers’ auto insurance providers.

Free Consultation with a New York Attorney for Defective Tires

At Tucker Lawyers PC, our queens car accident lawyers have many years of experience in recovering maximal and comprehensive compensation for our injured clients. Whether you were injured because of a defective tire or because another person decided to drive on one, you may be entitled to substantial financial relief under the law. Choosing the right lawyer, like the experienced advocates in our office, can make a meaningful difference in your economic recovery. Please contact us right away to schedule a completely free consultation with an experienced New York attorney for defective tires at Tucker Lawyers PC. Our services are available to injured victims throughout New York City, as well as the entire state of New York. A time limit may apply to your claim, so please contact us as soon as possible. We want to help.

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