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Snowfall, severe winter weather, and icy roads are a fact of life in New York, and longtime residents expect some slippery slush each year. Winter weather requires extra care, though, even for those who are no strangers to Jack Frost’s fury.

Every year, our New York City personal injury attorneys see a wintertime influx of injury cases related to black ice, icy roads, and dangerous slips and falls.

There are a number of reasons for that:

  • The city does not always clear sidewalks and roadways quickly enough.
  • Some store owners are notoriously slow to clear their storefronts after a storm.
  • Tourists from other climates can be caught off guard by New York’s winter weather.
  • Drivers operate vehicles on icy roads without winter tires.
  • Drivers fail to reduce their speed and modify their driving behavior in response to the winter weather.
  • New Yorkers can essentially become trapped by snow, sometimes in dangerous places or conditions.
  • Poor vehicle and/or road maintenance increases the risk of black ice accidents.

Negligence is a common factor in many of New York’s black ice accidents. If people would simply exercise due care under winter weather conditions, we could eliminate so much suffering and save countless lives.

This webpage is designed to help people protect themselves from black ice accidents in New York, and to inform you that you have rights, should you ever find yourself injured by someone else’s negligence in the ice or snow.

Victims are often entitled to financial compensation, and aggressive representation from our New York City personal injury attorneys can make a meaningful difference in the outcome of almost any claim.

Safety Tips for Icy Roads & Sidewalks in New York

These helpful hints can keep you and your loved ones safe the next time “Old Man Winter” bites The Big Apple:

  • You can’t see black ice! Don’t trust your eyes to alert you to danger. This is the single biggest danger associated with icy roads in New York.
  • Always reduce your speed and exercise increased caution during rainfall, snowfall, or freezing temperatures.
  • Remember that snow and ice aren’t the same thing. Roads can still ice over in the absence of snow or recent rainfall. Even morning dew can create black ice.
  • Invest in boots that are well reviewed for their traction on ice or snow. They are a must for NYC winters. Even then, tread carefully.
  • If a storefront has accumulated dangerous ice, slush, or snow, you might consider respectfully alerting the manager. Because weather conditions change quickly in New York, the store might be unaware of the problem. (Note: Storeowners have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their premises).
  • Tread, traction, and air pressure are very important for all four tires. Keep them at the right levels, consistent from tire to tire.
  • If you drive a vehicle in New York, it is essential that you equip your car with winter tires. Unlike ordinary summer tires (or even high-performance summer tires), winter tires are specially designed to help you maneuver your vehicle in winter weather.
  • Even if you have winter tires, driving on icy roads is dangerous. Winter tires won’t help you stop your car in an emergency. If you can avoid driving in ice or snow, do so.
  • Before heading out in winter weather, perform a comprehensive maintenance check. Make sure your fluids, lights, brakes, and blades are all in good condition.
  • Use your air conditioner to defrost your windshield. Turn the temperature up and activate the defrost and/or fresh air settings.
  • Don’t “over steer.” Too much steering can cause your tires to lose control in ice and snow. If you start losing control, resist the urge to overcorrect. Always drive slowly.

Injured on Black Ice in New York? Call Us.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a black ice accident in New York, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your damages.

You have rights. The experienced New York City personal injury attorneys at Tucker Lawyers P.C. can help you understand those rights and pursue the justice you deserve.

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