Workplace Discrimination Claims on the Decline

It’s not too often we see win / win situations in the news, but regarding the current state of affairs of workplace discrimination in America, that’s exactly the case. This year, federal officials have observed a precipitous decline in job-related discrimination claims across all categories. That’s the first win. The second half of the win / win? The winnowing down of those lobbying claims with the EEOC means a higher success rate for those still applying.

The inherent mathematics are simple: the less overall claims there are means the more legislative time, money and focus that can be spent on the remainder of cases. Optimists suggest that the decline represents a population shying away from making claims that are speculative or, perhaps, fraudulent. This of course leaves a tighter, more genuine core of claims that can be examined and adjudicated with a closer eye.

EEOC is shorthand for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal law enforcement agency in charge of investigating all workplace discrimination claims including but not limited to cases of sex, gender, ethnicity, religion and age based discrimination. This commission was designed to maintain safe, discrimination-free workplaces for all American citizens. All physical and personal, non-work related traits should be non-factors when hiring and/or firing employees, thereby isolating behavior, work ethic and performance as the factors involved in employers’ managerial decision-making processes.

After seeing a record-high number of incoming complaints in 2012, the EEOC has reported a declining numbers of cases two years running.

Of course, if you feel like you’ve been the victim of workplace discrimination, it may be difficult for you to interpret the intricacies of the law. Retaining legal counsel may help you gain clarification as to the extent of your rights. At Tucker Lawyers PC, our experienced team of attorneys are well-versed in EEOC policy and can help you as you seek compensation for unfair dismissal, harassment or other forms of discrimination. As always, our consultations are free and easy. So if you feel like you’ve been discriminated against, don’t hesitate to call.

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