Where Most Slip and Fall Accidents Happen Long Island

If you have ever walked around your living room and slipped on an errant piece of paper, you know that it is possible to slip and fall almost anywhere. Most people are at least a little clumsy, and the world is filled with minor hazards. And while that can be frustrating when you twist an ankle or get a bruise at home, it isn’t so bad.

However, when you break a bone or suffer a laceration due to the negligence of another party, it is more than frustrating. That is when you need to speak to a slip and fall lawyer to understand your rights. Preferably, though, you’ll never get hurt in the first place. And the best way to avoid getting hurt is to be careful while at these locations in Long Island.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

The airport easily has the most hazards of any business or attraction on Long Island. Like other major east coast airports, millions of people travel through it every day. As they travel, these people track in rain and mud from outside, spill food and drinks in the food court, and leave luggage lying on the ground. All of these actions create hazards that can result in a fall. If airport personnel aren’t quick enough to deal with these hazards, you could get hurt, and it would be the fault of the airport.

Also like other major airports, JFK has moving walkways, escalators, and trams traveling about the terminal. Typically, moving walkways and escalators have signs that warn you about proper use. But if those signs are missing or damaged, the airport would be responsible for any harm you suffered on one. Similarly, the trams are driven by airport staff. If the employees driving them aren’t careful and cause you to fall, you will have a claim against the airport.

Docks and Marinas

As the name suggests, Long Island is an island, and because it is a large one, it has hundreds of docks and marinas along its shores. The average dock is filled with signs warning of slippery walkways and falling hazards because they are constantly getting sprayed with ocean or bay water. While most docks have reasonable safeguards, you will find an occasional dock on the island that isn’t well maintained, doesn’t have appropriate signage, or doesn’t have rails. When you slip or fall at these locations, the dock owner is likely responsible for your injuries.

Shopping Centers

Long Island is also home to many shopping centers, including outdoor and indoor malls. Both types present their fair share of slipping hazards, particularly during the winter months. When snow or slush covers the ground, which is a very common occurrence in the winter in New York, parking lots and walkways become treacherous. The owners of these shopping centers are supposed to regularly remove snow and clean up puddles. However, they sometimes become lax in that duty. When that happens, the risk of slip and fall accidents increases significantly.


You wouldn’t normally consider sidewalks to be a slipping hazard, as they are designed to make walking safer. However, they can pose some danger in Long Island, where numerous roads haven’t been maintained or repaired in ages. What’s even worse is that many of these areas haven’t had street lights replaced in a long time, either, so walking at night can be extremely treacherous in those areas.

What to Do If You Slip and Fall in Long Island

If you slip and injure yourself in Long Island, the first thing you should do is get medical attention. Hopefully, the injury isn’t too serious. But if it is, the sooner you get medical attention, the more likely you are to fully recover. And if you need to take legal action, you will need medical records to prove how badly you were hurt. If you put off getting the medical help you need, you could hurt your case down the line.

Once you are safe, it’s important that you document the scene of the accident. This will involve taking pictures of everything and getting the names and contact information of any witnesses. Just like you will need medical records to prove how badly you were injured, you will need evidence to prove that another party’s negligence caused your injury. It is equally important that you avoid signing any paperwork. The owner of the premises where you were injured knows that you need to prove their negligence. If they can get you to sign something that says they weren’t, they have effectively won their case already.

Finally, contact a Long Island slip and fall lawyer as quickly as possible. While you should document your fall as best as you can, an attorney is better equipped to fully investigate your claim. They are also prepared to interview witnesses and negotiate settlements with insurance companies. Typically, if you are represented by a slip and fall attorney in Long Island, you will get more money than if you try to get compensation without one.

Know the Signs of Slip and Fall Dangers

It is impossible to avoid all slip and fall risks unless you live in a bubble. For example, if you need to travel internationally for work, you will have to go to an airport eventually. Similarly, unless you always order delivery, you will inevitably have to walk into a grocery store or mall one day. When you can’t avoid dangerous locations, you should be aware of danger signs. Spilled food or drinks, crowds, and poorly maintained areas are typically the biggest risks of slip and fall accidents. Keeping an eye out for these dangers whenever you are out will make you less likely to get hurt.

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