Pedestrian Struck On Queens Boulevard

Queens Boulevard has long been cited as among the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the state of New York. Earlier this month, another incident has helped corroborate that notion.

At around 2am on Thursday October 9th, a man was struck by an SUV as he attempted to cross Queens Boulevard. On a tip, police are now looking for a black Ford Expedition, (presumably with some front-end damage) which fled the scene of the accident. Despite the fact that this section of Queens Boulevard has been outfitted with countdown clocks that aim to help pedestrians make smarter choices when crossing busy roads, experts say pedestrians will oftentimes still try and “beat the light,” and when they inaccurately gauge the amount of time left before resumption of traffic, they expose themselves to grievous danger.

Whether or not this is what occurred on Thursday is yet to be determined. Police investigation lasted two full hours post-incident and the case is still open. The NYPD is hoping that more witnesses will come forward, proffering up useful information.

The victim, said to be somewhere between 20 and 30 years of age, was taken to a hospital and was listed as in critical condition.

The nature of the intersection may be to blame. Instead of a singular row of traffic lights, and a corresponding single path for pedestrians, this four-lane span of Queens Boulevard is patrolled by two rows of traffic lights and features two pedestrian paths. Some cars, seeing pedestrians traversing the more distant crosswalk, may not realize that there is another preceding it. When it comes to objects of such disparate vulnerability, cars and humans, this sort of uncertainty becomes hugely perilous. Even a moment’s hesitation could prove fatal for those on foot.

Queens Boulevard has seen five pedestrian deaths over the past two years.

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