New York State has long endeavored to make road construction work zones safer for the men and women who labor there. By decreasing speed limits and increasing fines for breaking these limits, the state is attempting to install various disincentives in an effort to curb reckless driving in these areas. While these measures are in place to help ensure the safety of highway workers, there are still hundreds of fatalities and over 40,000 work zone injuries reported nationwide every year. If you or a loved has been injured in such an accident, you may be able to seek compensation that will help pay for your medical bills and lost wages. The New York work zone accident attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can also review the specific facts and circumstances regarding your accident and injuries to determine if you may also be entitled to a financial recovery for your pain and suffering as well.

Types of Roadway Work Zone Accidents

If you’ve been injured in any of the following ways, the experienced team of attorneys at Tucker Lawyers PC can secure you the financial compensation that you deserve:

  • You were injured by an on-site construction vehicle (bulldozer, grader, etc.)
  • You were struck by an oncoming vehicle
  • You were injured by malfunctioning equipment
  • You were injured because inadequate warning signs were utilized
  • You were involved in a steamroller accident
  • You were injured by excavation equipment

Proper planning goes a long way in ensuring roadside workers’ safety. If the project manager didn’t plan ahead carefully enough, or was negligent in upholding the safety standards of your worksite, they may be legally liable for all damages. In fact, there are very strictly regulated set of standards, as laid out by the Federal Highway Administration, that call for an abundance of highly-visible signs, barriers to be put in place where necessary, and super-bright floodlights to be used during overnight work. Strategically placed detours can also help keep road workers out of harm’s way. If you believe that your employer wasn’t vigilant in his adherence to any of the safety rules, you may be eligible for a comprehensive benefits package.

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Determining fault is often a complicated process. On large road construction projects there are many there are many potential defendants who play a role in the safety of the laborers so it is critical to retain a law firm that specializes in work zone accidents. The legal team at Tucker Lawyers PC have the experience and ability to identify the negligent parties, hold them accountable, and provide you and your family with the compensation that you need and deserve. Our consultation is free and we charge no legal fee unless we win your case.

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